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Li JC, Kim TH, Forghani K, Jiao WY, Kong W, Collar K, Kuech TF, Brown AS. Growth of GaAs1-xBix by molecular beam epitaxy: Trade-offs in optical and structural characteristics. Journal of Applied Physics. 2014 ;116.
Kim TW, Kuech TF, Mawst LJ. Impact of growth temperature and substrate orientation on dilute-nitride-antimonide materials grown by MOVPE for multi-junction solar cell application. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2014 ;405:87-91.
Kim TW, Kim K, Lee JJ, Kuech TF, Mawst LJ, Wells NP, LaLumondiere SD, Sin Y, Lotshaw WT, Moss SC. Impact of thermal annealing on bulk InGaAsSbN materials grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy. Applied Physics Letters. 2014 ;104.
Kim Y, Kim K, Kim TW, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF, Kim CZ, Park WK, Lee J. InGaAsNSb/Ge double-junction solar cells grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Solar Energy. 2014 ;102:126-130.
Mawst LJ, Kirch JD, Kim T, Garrod T, Boyle C, Botez D, Zutter B, Schulte K, Kuech TF, Bouzi PM, et al. Low-strain, quantum-cascade-laser active regions grown on metamorphic buffer layers for emission in the 3.0-4.0 mu m wavelength region. Iet Optoelectronics. 2014 ;8:25-32.
Zutter BT, Schulte KL, Kim TW, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF, Foran B, Sin YK. Planarization and Processing of Metamorphic Buffer Layers Grown by Hydride Vapor-Phase Epitaxy. Journal of Electronic Materials. 2014 ;43:873-878.
Kim TW, Forghani K, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF, LaLumondiere SD, Sin Y, Lotshaw WT, Moss SC. Properties of 'bulk' GaAsSbN/GaAs for multi-junction solar cell application: Reduction of carbon background concentration. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2014 ;393:70-74.
Forghani K, Guan YX, Wood AW, Anand A, Babcock SE, Mawst LJ, Kuech TF. Self-limiting growth when using trimethyl bismuth (TMBi) in the metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) of GaAs1-yBiy. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2014 ;395:38-45.
Jackson DHK, Dunn BA, Guan YX, Kuech TF. Tungsten hexacarbonyl and hydrogen peroxide as precursors for the growth of tungsten oxide thin films on titania nanoparticles. AIChE Journal. 2014 ;60:1278-1286.
Kim T, Mawst LJ, Kim Y, Kim K, Lee J, Kuech TF. 13.2% efficiency double-hetero structure single-junction InGaAsN solar cells grown by MOVPE. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 2015 ;33.
Chang CC, Kirch JD, Buelow P, Boyle C, Kuech TF, Lindberg D, Earles T, Botez D, Mawst LJ. Buried-heterostructure mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers fabricated by non-selective regrowth and chemical polishing. Electronics Letters. 2015 ;51:1098-1099.
O'Neill BJ, Jackson DHK, Lee J, Canlas C, Stair PC, Marshall CL, Elam JW, Kuech TF, Dumesic JA, Huber GW. Catalyst Design with Atomic Layer Deposition. Acs Catalysis. 2015 ;5:1804-1825.
Forghani K, Guan YX, Wood A, Babock S, Mawst L, Kuech TF. The Effect of the Bi Precursors, (CH3)(3)Bi and (C2H5)(3)Bi, on the Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy of GaAs1-yBiy Films. Chemical Vapor Deposition. 2015 ;21:166-175.
Kim HJ, Jackson DHK, Lee J, Guan YX, Kuech TF, Huber GW. Enhanced Activity and Stability of TiO2-Coated Cobalt/Carbon Catalysts for Electrochemical Water Oxidation. Acs Catalysis. 2015 ;5:3463-3469.
Schulte KL, Strand MT, Kuech TF. Evolution of epilayer tilt in thick InxGa1-xAs metamorphic buffer layers grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2015 ;426:283-286.
Wheatley R, Kesaria M, Mawst LJ, Kirch JD, Kuech TF, Marshall A, Zhuang QD, Krier A. Extended wavelength mid-infrared photoluminescence from type-I InAsN and InGaAsN dilute nitride quantum wells grown on InP. Applied Physics Letters. 2015 ;106.
Luo GF, Yang SJ, Li JC, Arjmand M, Szlufarska I, Brown AS, Kuech TF, Morgan D. First-principles studies on molecular beam epitaxy growth of GaAs1-xBix. Physical Review B. 2015 ;92.
Li JC, Forghani K, Guan YX, Jiao WY, Kong W, Collar K, Kim TH, Kuech TF, Brown AS. GaAs1-yBiy Raman signatures: illuminating relationships between the electrical and optical properties of GaAs1-yBiy and Bi incorporation. Aip Advances. 2015 ;5.
Lee J, Burt SP, Carrero CA, Alba-Rubio AC, Ro I, O'Neill BJ, Kim HJ, Jackson DHK, Kuech TF, Hermans I, et al. Stabilizing cobalt catalysts for aqueous-phase reactions by strong metal-support interaction. Journal of Catalysis. 2015 ;330:19-27.
Kim H, Forghani K, Guan Y, Luo G, Anand A, Morgan D, Kuech TF, Mawst LJ, Lingley ZR, Foran BJ, et al. Strain-compensated GaAs1-yPy/GaAs1-zBiz/GaAs1-yPy quantum wells for laser applications. Semiconductor Science and Technology. 2015 ;30.
Jackson DHK, O'Neill BJ, Lee J, Huber GW, Dumesic JA, Kuech TF. Tuning Acid-Base Properties Using Mg-Al Oxide Atomic Layer Deposition. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2015 ;7:16573-16580.
Wood AW, Guan Y, Forghani K, Anand A, Kuech TF, Babcock SE. Unexpected bismuth concentration profiles in metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy-grown Ga(As1-xBix)/GaAs superlattices revealed by Z-contrast scanning transmission electron microscopy imaging. Apl Materials. 2015 ;3.
Chen WX, Ronsheim PA, Wood AW, Forghani K, Guan YX, Kuech TF, Babcock SE. Atom probe tomography evidence for uniform incorporation of Bi across the growth front in GaAs1-xBix/GaAs superlattice. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2016 ;446:27-32.
Laskar MR, Jackson DHK, Guan YX, Xu SZ, Fang SY, Dreibelbis M, Mahanthappa MK, Morgan D, Hamers RJ, Kuech TF. Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3-Ga2O3 Alloy Coatings for Li Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2 O-2 Cathode to Improve Rate Performance in Li-Ion Battery. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2016 ;8:10572-10580.
Schulte KL, Simon J, Roy A, Reedy RC, Young DL, Kuech TF, Ptak AJ. Computational fluid dynamics-aided analysis of a hydride vapor phase epitaxy reactor. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2016 ;434:138-147.
Guan YX, Forghani K, Schulte KL, Babcock S, Mawst L, Kuech TF. Enhanced Incorporation of P into Tensile-Strained GaAs1-yPy Layers Grown by Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy at Very Low Temperatures. Ecs Journal of Solid State Science and Technology. 2016 ;5:P183-P189.
Luo GF, Forghani K, Kuech TF, Morgan D. First-principles predictions of electronic properties of GaAs1-x-yPyBix and GaAs1-x-yPyBix-based heterojunctions. Applied Physics Letters. 2016 ;109.
Kuech TF, Babcock SE, Mawst L. Growth far from equilibrium: Examples from III-V semiconductors. Applied Physics Reviews. 2016 ;3.
Kim H, Forghani K, Guan Y, Kim K, Wood AW, Lee J, Babcock SE, Kuech TF, Mawst LJ. Impact of in-situ annealing on dilute-bismide materials and its application to photovoltaics. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2016 ;452:276-280.
Kim T, Wood A, Kim H, Kim Y, Lee J, Peterson M, Sin Y, Moss S, Kuech TF, Babcock S, et al. Impact of Sb Incorporation on MOVPE-Grown "Bulk" InGaAs(Sb)N Films for Solar Cell Application. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. 2016 ;6:1673-1677.
Li JC, Collar K, Jiao WY, Kong W, Kuech TF, Babcock SE, Brown A. Impact of vicinal GaAs(001) substrates on Bi incorporation and photoluminescence in molecular beam epitaxy-grown GaAs1-xBix. Applied Physics Letters. 2016 ;108.
Johnson PS, Boukahil I, Himpsel FJ, Kearns KL, Kang JH, Lin JC, Leugers A, Meyers G, Mukhopadhyay S, Jackson DHK, et al. Multitechnique Approach for Determining Energy Levels and Exciton Binding Energies of Molecules for Organic Electronics. Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 2016 ;120:1366-1374.
Jackson DHK, Laskar MR, Fang SY, Xu SZ, Ellis RG, Li XQ, Dreibelbis M, Babcock SE, Mahanthappa MK, Morgan D, et al. Optimizing AlF3 atomic layer deposition using trimethylaluminum and TaF5: Application to high voltage Li-ion battery cathodes. Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A. 2016 ;34.
Rajeev A, Mawst LJ, Kirch JD, Botez D, Miao J, Buelow P, Kuech TF, Li XQ, Sigler C, Babcock SE, et al. Regrowth of quantum cascade laser active regions on metamorphic buffer layers. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2016 ;452:268-271.
Ro I, Liu YF, Ball MR, Jackson DHK, Chada JP, Sener C, Kuech TF, Madon RJ, Huber GW, Dumesic JA. Role of the Cu-ZrO2 Interfacial Sites for Conversion of Ethanol to Ethyl Acetate and Synthesis of Methanol from CO2 and H-2. Acs Catalysis. 2016 ;6:7040-7050.
Wood AW, Chen WX, Kim H, Guan YX, Forghani K, Anand A, Kuech TF, Mawst LJ, Babcock SE. Annealing-induced precipitate formation behavior in MOVPE-grown GaAs1-xBix explored by atom probe tomography and HAADF-STEM. Nanotechnology. 2017 ;28.
Laskar MR, Jackson DHK, Xu SZ, Hamers RJ, Morgan D, Kuech TF. Atomic Layer Deposited MgO: A Lower Overpotential Coating for Li Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2 O-2 Cathode. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2017 ;9:11231-11239.
Bell BM, Clark MB, Devore DD, De Vries TS, Froese RD, Gray KC, Jackson DHK, Kuech TF, Na HY, Kearns KL, et al. Degradation of Hole Transport Materials via Exciton-Driven Cyclization. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2017 ;9:13369-13379.
Chen YJ, Yusuf MH, Guan YX, Jacobson RB, Lagally MG, Babcock SE, Kuech TF, Evan PG. Distinct Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Amorphous SrTiO3 on (001) SrTiO3 and SiO2/Si: A Step toward New Architectures. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2017 ;9:41034-41042.
Kim Y, Jackson DHK, Lee D, Choi M, Kim TW, Jeong SY, Chae HJ, Kim HW, Park N, Chang H, et al. In Situ Electrochemical Activation of Atomic Layer Deposition Coated MoS2 Basal Planes for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. Advanced Functional Materials. 2017 ;27.
Kim H, Guan YX, Forghani K, Kuech TF, Mawst LJ. Laser diodes employing GaAs1-xBix/GaAs1-yPy quantum well active regions. Semiconductor Science and Technology. 2017 ;32.
Kim H, Choi J, Lingley Z, Brodie M, Sin Y, Kuech TF, Gopalan P, Mawst LJ. Selective growth of strained (In)GaAs quantum dots on GaAs substrates employing diblock copolymer lithography nanopatterning. Journal of Crystal Growth. 2017 ;465:48-54.
Luo GF, Yang SJ, Jenness GR, Song ZW, Kuech TF, Morgan D. Understanding and reducing deleterious defects in the metastable alloy GaAsBi. Npg Asia Materials. 2017 ;9.