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Kim M, Han E, Sweat DP, Gopalan P. Interplay of surface chemical composition and film thickness on graphoepitaxial assembly of asymmetric block copolymers. Soft Matter. 2013 ;9:6135-6141.
Kim M, Miller RL, Lee DS. Cross and ring-closing metathesis of 1,3-diynes: Metallotropic [1,3]-shift of ruthenium carbenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2005 ;127:12818-12819.
Kim M, Lee D. Metathesis and metallotropy: A versatile combination for the synthesis of oligoenynes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2005 ;127:18024-18025.
Kim M, Lee D. Boron-directed regio- and stereoselective enyne cross metathesis: Efficient synthesis of vinyl boronate containing 1,3-dienes. Organic LettersOrganic Letters. 2005 ;7:1865-1868.
Kim M, Park S, Maifeld SV, Lee D. Regio- and stereoselective enyne cross metathesis of silylated internal alkynes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2004 ;126:10242-10243.
Kim M, Fan W, Seo JH, Cho N, Liu SC, Geng D, Liu Y, Gong S, Wang X, Zhou W, et al. Polycrystalline GeSn thin films on Si formed by alloy evaporation. Applied Physics Express. 2015 ;8.
Kim M, Mi H, Cho M, Seo JH, Zhou W, Gong S, Ma Z. Tunable biaxial in-plane compressive strain in a Si nanomembrane transferred on a polyimide film. Applied Physics Letters. 2015 ;106.
Kim M, Schmitt SK, Choi JW, Krutty JD, Gopalan P. From Self-Assembled Monolayers to Coatings: Advances in the Synthesis and Nanobio Applications of Polymer Brushes. Polymers. 2015 ;7:1346-1378.