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Mannino SJ, Jenkins CL, Raines RT. Chemical mechanism of DNA cleavage by the homing endonuclease I-PpoI. Biochemistry. 1999 ;38:16178-16186.
Schultz LW, Chivers PT, Raines RT. The CXXC motif: crystal structure of an active-site variant of Escherichia coli thioredoxin. Acta Crystallographica Section D-Biological Crystallography. 1999 ;55:1533-1538.
Kelemen BR, Raines RT. Extending the limits to enzymatic catalysis: Diffusion of ribonuclease A in one dimension. Biochemistry. 1999 ;38:5302-5307.
Quirk DJ, Raines RT. His - Asp catalytic dyad of ribonuclease A: Histidine pK(a) values in the wild-type, D121N, and D121A enzymes. Biophysical Journal. 1999 ;76:1571-1579.
Kelemen BR, Klink TA, Behlke MA, Eubanks SR, Leland PA, Raines RT. Hypersensitive substrate for ribonucleases. Nucleic Acids Research. 1999 ;27:3696-3701.
Holmgren SK, Bretscher LE, Taylor KM, Raines RT. A hyperstable collagen mimic. Chemistry & Biology. 1999 ;6:63-70.
Woycechowsky KJ, Wittrup KD, Raines RT. A small-molecule catalyst of protein folding in vitro and in vivo. Chemistry & Biology. 1999 ;6:871-879.
Soucek J, Raines RT, Haugg M, Raillard-Yoon SA, Benner SA. Structural changes to ribonuclease A and their effects on biological activity. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology C-Pharmacology Toxicology & Endocrinology. 1999 ;123:103-111.
Kim BM, Schultz LW, Raines RT. Variants of ribonuclease inhibitor that resist oxidation. Protein Science. 1999 ;8:430-434.
Holmgren SK, Taylor KM, Bretscher LE, Raines RT. Code for collagen's stability deciphered. Nature. 1998 ;392:666-667.
Fisher BM, Schultz LW, Raines RT. Coulombic effects of remote subsites on the active site of ribonuclease A. Biochemistry. 1998 ;37:17386-17401.
Fisher BM, Ha JH, Raines RT. Coulombic forces in protein-RNA interactions: Binding and cleavage by ribonuclease A and variants at Lys7, Arg10, and Lys66. Biochemistry. 1998 ;37:12121-12132.
Wittmayer PK, McKenzie JL, Raines RT. Degenerate DNA recognition by I-PpoI endonuclease. Gene. 1998 ;206:11-21.
Quirk DJ, Park C, Thompson JE, Raines RT. His - Asp catalytic dyad of ribonuclease A: Conformational stability of the wild-type, D121N, D121A, and H119A enzymes. Biochemistry. 1998 ;37:17958-17964.
Schultz LW, Quirk DJ, Raines RT. His - Asp catalytic dyad of ribonuclease A: Structure and function of the wild-type, D121N, and D121A enzymes. Biochemistry. 1998 ;37:8886-8898.
Shusta EV, Raines RT, Pluckthun A, Wittrup KD. Increasing the secretory capacity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of single-chain antibody fragments. Nature Biotechnology. 1998 ;16:773-777.
Fisher BM, Grilley JE, Raines RT. A new remote subsite in ribonuclease A. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1998 ;273:34134-34138.
Kothandaraman S, Hebert MC, Raines RT, Nibert ML. No role for pepstatin-A-sensitive acidic proteinases in reovirus infections of L or MDCK cells. Virology. 1998 ;251:264-272.
Raines RT. Ribonuclease A. Chemical Reviews. 1998 ;98:1045-1065.
Leland PA, Schultz LW, Kim BM, Raines RT. Ribonuclease A variants with potent cytotoxic activity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1998 ;95:10407-10412.
Schultz LW, Hargraves SR, Klink TA, Raines RT. Structure and stability of the P93G variant of ribonuclease A. Protein Science. 1998 ;7:1620-1625.
Attie AD, Raines RT. Analysis of Receptor-Ligand Interactions. Journal of Chemical Education. 1995 ;72:119-124.
Kim JS, Soucek J, Matousek J, Raines RT. Catalytic Activity of Bovine Seminal Ribonuclease Is Essential for Its Immunosuppressive and Other Biological-Activities. Biochemical Journal. 1995 ;308:547-550.
Kim JS, Raines RT. Dibromobimane as a Fluorescent Cross-Linking Reagent. Analytical Biochemistry. 1995 ;225:174-176.
Laboissiere MCA, Sturley SL, Raines RT. The Essential Function of Protein-Disulfide Isomerase Is to Unscramble Nonnative Disulfide Bonds. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 ;270:28006-28009.
delCardayre SB, Raines RT. The Extent to Which Ribonucleases Cleave Ribonucleic-Acid. Analytical Biochemistry. 1995 ;225:176-178.
Thompson JE, Kutateladze TG, Schuster MC, Venegas FD, Messmore JM, Raines RT. Limits to catalysis by ribonuclease A. Bioorganic Chemistry. 1995 ;23:471-481.
Kim JS, Soucek J, Matousek J, Raines RT. Mechanism of ribonuclease cytotoxicity. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 ;270:31097-31102.
Stowell JK, Widlanski TS, Kutateladze TG, Raines RT. Mechanism-Based Inactivation of Ribonuclease-A. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1995 ;60:6930-6936.
Laboissiere MCA, Chivers PT, Raines RT. Production of Rat Protein Disulfide-Isomerase in Saccharomyces-Cerevisiae. Protein Expression & Purification. 1995 ;6:700-706.
Raines RT, Toscano MP, Nierengarten DM, Ha JH, Auerbach R. Replacing a Surface Loop Endows Ribonuclease-a with Angiogenic Activity. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 ;270:17180-17184.
delCardayre SB, Raines RT. A Residue to Residue Hydrogen-Bond Mediates the Nucleotide Specificity of Ribonuclease-A. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1995 ;252:328-336.