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Vincent CE, Rensvold JW, Westphall MS, Pagliarini DJ, Coon JJ. Automated Gas-Phase Purification for Accurate, Multiplexed Quantification on a Stand-Alone Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometer. Analytical Chemistry. 2013 ;85:2079-2086.
Vinokur AI, White PB, Fotsing MT, Arderne C, Ndinteh DT, Vestling MM, Guzei IA. Deciphering composition and connectivity of a natural product with the assistance of MS and 2D NMR. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Structural Chemistry. 2017 ;73:994-+.
Vinokur AI, Fredrickson DC. Toward Design Principles for Diffusionless Transformations: The Frustrated Formation of Co-Co Bonds in a Low-Temperature Polymorph of GdCoSi2. Inorganic Chemistry. 2016 ;55:6148-6160.
Vinokur AI, Fredrickson DC. 18-Electron Resonance Structures in the BCC Transition Metals and Their CsCl-type Derivatives. Inorganic Chemistry. 2017 ;56:2834-2842.
Vinokur AI, Hilleke KP, Fredrickson DC. Principles of weakly ordered domains in intermetallics: the cooperative effects of atomic packing and electronics in Fe2Al5. Acta Crystallographica a-Foundation and Advances. 2019 ;75:297-306.
Vinokur AI, Yakovenko A, Liu L, Schomaker JM, Guzei IA. An Enantiotropic Disorder Partial Order Solid-State Transformation in a Molecular Solid Involving a Phase with Z'=12. Crystal Growth & Design. 2017 ;17:5984-5993.
Vinson NA, Day CS, Welker ME, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. General preparation of cyclopentadienyl molybdenum dicarbonyl eta(3)-2-alkylidene cyclobutanonyl complexes. Organometallics. 1999 ;18:1824-1826.
Vogel KM, Hu SZ, Spiro TG, Dierks EA, Yu AE, Burstyn JN. Variable forms of soluble guanylyl cyclase: protein-ligand interactions and the issue of activation by carbon monoxide. Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry. 1999 ;4:804-813.
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Voight EA, Seradi H, Roethle PA, Burke SD. Synthesis of the bryostatin 1 northern hemisphere (C1-C16) via desymmetrization by ketalization/ring-closing metathesis. Organic Letters. 2004 ;6:4045-4048.
Voight EA, Roethle PA, Burke SD. Concise formal synthesis of the bryostatin southern hemisphere (C17-C27). Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2004 ;69:4534-4537.
Volkening JD, Bailey DJ, Rose CM, Grimsrud PA, Howes-Podoll M, Venkateshwaran M, Westphall MS, Ane JM, Coon JJ, Sussman MR. A Proteogenomic Survey of the Medicago truncatula Genome. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. 2012 ;11:933-944.
von Stetten D, Gunther M, Scheerer P, Murgida DH, Mroginski MA, Krauss N, Lamparter T, Zhang J, Anstrom DM, Vierstra RD, et al. Chromophore heterogeneity and photoconversion in phytochrome crystals and solution studied by resonance Raman spectroscopy. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2008 ;47:4753-4755.
Voss JM, Fischer KC, Garand E. Accessing the Vibrational Signatures of Amino Acid Ions Embedded in Water Clusters. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2018 ;9:2246-2250.
Voss JM, Duffy EM, Marsh BM, Garand E. Mass Spectrometric and Vibrational Characterization of Reaction Intermediates in Ru(bpy)(tpy)(H2O) (2+) Catalyzed Water Oxidation. Chempluschem. 2017 ;82:691-694.
Voss JM, Kregel SJ, Fischer KC, Garand E. IR-IR Conformation Specific Spectroscopy of Na+(Glucose) Adducts. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2018 ;29:42-50.
Voss JM, Fischer KC, Garand E. Revealing the structure of isolated peptides: IR-IR predissociation spectroscopy of protonated triglycine isomers. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 2018 ;347:28-34.
Voss JM, Marsh BM, Zhou J, Garand E. Interaction between ionic liquid cation and water: infrared predissociation study of bmim (+)center dot(H2O)(n) clusters. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2016 ;18:18905-18913.
Voudouris P, Gomopoulos N, Le Grand A, Hadjichristidis N, Floudas G, Ediger MD, Fytas G. Does Brillouin light scattering probe the primary glass transition process at temperatures well above glass transition?. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2010 ;132.
Vranka RG, Dahl LF, Chini P, Chatt J. STRUCTURAL CHARACTERIZATION OF A NEW TYPE OF TETRANUCLEAR METAL CLUSTER SYSTEM - PT4 P(C6H5)(CH3)2 4(CO)5. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1969 ;91:1574-&.
Vu PD, Boydston AJ, Bielawski CW. Ionic liquids via efficient, solvent-free anion metathesis. Green Chemistry. 2007 ;9:1158-1159.