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Thorman JL, Young VG, Boyd PDW, Guzei IA, Woo LK. Atom transfer reactions of (TTP)Ti(eta(2)-3-hexyne): Synthesis and molecular structure of trans-(TTP)Ti OP(Oct)(3) (2). Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:499-506.
Maisela LL, Crouch AM, Darkwa J, Guzei IA. Bidentate aryldichalcogenide complexes of (diphosphino)ferrocene palladium(II) and (diphosphino)ferrocene platinum(II). Synthesis, molecular structures and electrochemistry. Polyhedron. 2001 ;20:3189-3200.
Guzei IA, Moloto MJ, Darkwa J. Bis(p-chlorothiophenolato)bis(tri-n-butyl-phosphine)nickel(II). Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online. 2001 ;57:M568-M569.
Korolev AV, Ihara E, Guzei IA, Young VG, Jordan RF. Cationic aluminum alkyl complexes incorporating aminotroponiminate ligands. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:8291-8309.
Guzei IA, Dagorne S, Jordan RF. A cationic hydroxo-bridged dinuclear gallium complex. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications. 2001 ;57:143-144.
Southern JS, Green MT, Hillhouse GL, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Chemistry of coordinated nitroxyl. Reagent-specific protonations of trans-Re(CO)(2)(NO)(PR3)(2) (R = Ph, Cy) that give the neutral nitroxyl complexes cis,trans-ReCl(CO)(2)(NH=O)(PR3)(2) or the cationic hydride complex trans,trans-ReH(CO)(2)(NO)(PPh3)(2)(+. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:6039-6046.
Moser DF, Guzei IA, West R. Crystal structure of the stable silylene, n,n '-di-tert-butyl-1,3-diaza-2-silacyclopent-4-en-2-yliedene. Main Group Metal Chemistry. 2001 ;24:811-812.
Ghiladi RA, Kretzer RM, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL, Neuhold YM, Hatwell KR, Zuberbuhler AD, Karlin KD. (F8TPP)Fe-II/O-2 reactivity studies {F8TPP = tetrakis(2,6-difluorophenyl)porphyrinate(2-)}: Spectroscopic (UV-visible and NMR) and kinetic study of solvent-dependent (Fe/O-2=1 : 1 or 2 : 1) reversible O-2-reduction and ferryl formation. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:5754-5767.
Ovchinnikov MV, LeBlanc E, Guzei IA, Angelici RJ. Hydrofunctionalization of alkenes promoted by diruthenium complexes {(eta(5)-C5H3)(2)(SiMe2)(2)}Ru-2(CO)(3)(eta(2)-CH2=CH-R)(mu-H) (+) featuring a kinetically inert proton on a metal-metal bond. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:11494-11495.
Guzei IA, Dougan JS, Treichel PM. Hydrogen bonding in bis(triphenylphosphine-P)iminium hydrogensulfate chloroform solvate. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications. 2001 ;57:1060-1061.
Clark RW, Guzei IA, Ivanov SA, Burke SD, Lambert WT. The lack of C2 molecular symmetry in (1R,2R,3S,6S)-3,6-dibenzyloxycyclo-hex-4-ene-1,2-diol. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications. 2001 ;57:844-845.
Guzei IA, Bakac A. Macrocyclic hydroperoxocobalt(III) complex: Photochemistry, spectroscopy, and crystal structure. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:2390-2393.
Korolev AV, Delpech F, Dagorne S, Guzei IA, Jordan RF. Main-group-metal chlorobenzene complexes. Organometallics. 2001 ;20:3367-3369.
Rabe GW, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Monomeric versus dimeric arrangement in the solid-state structures of pyridine adducts of lithium derivatives of two primary phosphanes. Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2001 ;315:254-257.
Grubisha DS, Guzei IA, Al-Salim N, Boyd PDW, Brothers PJ, Woo LK. Novel coordination in the first tellurium porphyrin complex: Synthesis and crystal structure of Te(ttp)Cl-2. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2001 ;40:4743-+.
Woll MG, Lai JR, Guzei IA, Taylor SJC, Smith MEB, Gellman SH. Parallel sheet secondary structure in gamma-peptides. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:11077-11078.
Wang ZG, Zhang GT, Guzei IA, Verkade JG. PhCH=P(MeNCH2CH2)(3)N: A novel ylide for quantitative E selectivity in the Wittig reaction. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2001 ;66:3521-3524.
Reynolds MA, Guzei IA, Angelici RJ. Re-2(CO)(10)-mediated carbon-hydrogen and carbon-sulfur bond cleavage of dibenzothiophene and 2,5-dimethylthiophene. Organometallics. 2001 ;20:1071-1078.
Hughes RP, Maddock SM, Guzei IA, Liable-Sands LM, Rheingold AL. Reactions of halofluorocarbons with group 6 complexes M(C5H5)(2)L (M = Mo, W; L = C2H4, CO). Fluoroalkylation at molybdenum and tungsten, and at cyclopentadienyl or ethylene ligands. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:3279-3288.
Ovchinnikov MV, Ellern AM, Guzei IA, Angelici RJ. Reactions of the protonated dinuclear ruthenium complex {(eta(5)-C5H3)2(SiMe2)(2)}Ru-2(CO)(4)(mu-H) (+) with nucleophiles. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:7014-7019.
Aubin SMJ, Sun ZM, Eppley HJ, Rumberger EM, Guzei IA, Folting K, Gantzel PK, Rheingold AL, Christou G, Hendrickson DN. Single-molecule magnets: Jahn-Teller isomerism and the origin of two magnetization relaxation processes in Mn(12) complexes. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:2127-2146.
Wang WD, Guzei IA, Espenson JH. Structural and mechanistic studies of ore-transfer reactions of bis(arylimido)oxorhenium (VII). Organometallics. 2001 ;20:148-156.
Zhang CG, Guzei IA, Espenson JH. Synthesis, structure, and catalytic reactivity of N,N,S- and O,N,S-tridentate oxorhenium(V) complexes. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 ;40:2437-+.
Yi CS, He ZJ, Guzei IA. Transfer hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds catalyzed by a ruthenium-acetamido complex: Evidence for a stepwise hydrogen transfer mechanism. Organometallics. 2001 ;20:3641-3643.
Hughes RP, Kovacik I, Lindner DC, Smith JM, Willemsen S, Zhang DH, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL. Unusual reactivity of "Proton Sponge" as a hydride donor to transition metals: Synthesis and structural characterization of fluoroalkyl(hydrido) complexes of iridium(III) and rhodium(III). Organometallics. 2001 ;20:3190-3197.
Guzei IA, Langenhan JM, Chung YJ. (2S,3S)-2-Benzyl-3-(nosylamino)butano-4-lactone. Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online. 2002 ;58:O65-O66.
Delpech F, Guzei IA, Jordan RF. Cationic indium alkyl complexes incorporating aminotroponliminate ligands. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:1167-1176.
Ruiz-Molina D, Gerbier P, Rumberger E, Amabilino DB, Guzei IA, Folting K, Huffman JC, Rheingold A, Christou G, Veciana J, et al. Characterisation of nanoscopic Mn12O12(O2CR)(16)(H2O)(4) single-molecule magnets: physicochemical properties and LDI- and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Journal of Materials Chemistry. 2002 ;12:1152-1161.
Liu YX, Ballweg D, Muller T, Guzei IA, Clark RW, West R. Chemistry of the aromatic 9-germafluorenyl dianion and some related silicon and carbon species. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:12174-12181.
Nelson KJ, Guzei IA, Lund GS, McGaff RW. Copper(II) methoxide: direct solventothermal synthesis and X-ray crystal structure. Polyhedron. 2002 ;21:2017-2020.
Guzei IA, Bikzhanova GA. Diethylammonium 5-phenyltetrazolate. Acta Crystallographica Section E-Structure Reports Online. 2002 ;58:O937-o939.
Levine AM, Stockland RA, Clark R, Guzei IA. Direct observation of P(O)-C bond formation from (N boolean AND N)PdMe(P(O)(OPh)(2))Complexes. rate enhancement of reductive elimination by addition of triarylphosphines. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:3278-3284.
Moser DF, Bosse T, Olson J, Moser JL, Guzei IA, West R. Halophilic reactions of a stable silylene with chloro and bromocarbons. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:4186-4187.
Wang WD, Guzei IA, Espenson JH. Kinetic and mechanistic studies of sulfur transfer from imidomethylrhenium sulfides. Inorganic Chemistry. 2002 ;41:4780-4787.
Ovchinnikov MV, Wang XP, Schultz AJ, Guzei IA, Angelici RJ. Metal control of the reaction site in reactions of {(eta(5)-C5H3)(2)(SiMe2)(2)}M-2(CO)(4)(mu-H) (+) (M = Fe, Ru, Os) with nucleophilic amines. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:3292-3296.
Nguyen TM, Guzei IA, Lee D. Novel reactivity of SeO2 with 1,3-dienes: Selenophene formation. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2002 ;67:6553-6556.
Ballweg D, Liu Y, Guzei IA, West R. Pentacoordinate spirosilicate anion, bis(2,2'-biphenyldiyl)methylsilicate, synthesized by the lithium cleavage of dimethoxyethane. Silicon Chemistry. 2002 ;1:57-60.
MacAdams LA, Kim WK, Liable-Sands LM, Guzei IA, Rheingold AL, Theopold KH. The (Ph)(2)nacnac ligand in organochromium chemistry. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:952-960.
Wang WD, Ellern A, Guzei IA, Espenson JH. Preparation, properties, and reactions of five-coordinate Re(VII) dioxo and diimido complexes. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:5576-5582.
Casey CP, Vos TE, Singer SW, Guzei IA. Protonated aminocyclopentadienyl ruthenium hydride reduction of benzaldehyde and the conversion of the resulting ruthenium triflate to a ruthenium hydride with H-2 and base. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:5038-5046.
Guzei IA, Roberts J, Saulys DA. Pseudosymmetry in pyridinium tetrachloro(oxo)pyridineniobate(V) pyridine solvate. Acta Crystallographica Section C-Crystal Structure Communications. 2002 ;58:m141-m143.
Reynolds MA, Guzei IA, Angelici RJ. Re-2(CO)(10)-promoted S-binding, C-S bond cleavage, and hydrogenation of benzothiophenes: Organometallic models for the hydrodesulfurization of thiophenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:1689-1697.
Ovchinnikov MV, Klein DP, Guzei IA, Choi MG, Angelici RJ. Reactions of the dinuclear ruthenium complex {(eta(5)-C5H3)(2)(SiMe2)(2)}Ru-2(CO)(4), featuring a doubly linked dicyclopentadienyl ligand. Organometallics. 2002 ;21:617-627.
Blanton JR, Chen TN, Diminnie JB, Cai H, Wu ZZ, Li LT, Sorasaenee KR, Quisenberry KT, Pan HJ, Wang CS, et al. Silyl-substituted alkylidenes: preparation of the novel complexes and mechanistic studies of their formation from reactions of alkylidenes with silanes and silyl-to-alkylidyne migration. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A-Chemical. 2002 ;190:101-108.
Casey CP, Boller TM, Kraft S, Guzei IA. Structural isomers of aryl-substituted eta(3)-propargyl complexes: eta(2)-1-metalla(methylene)cyclopropene and eta(3)-benzyl complexes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:13215-13221.
Liu YX, Stringfellow TC, Ballweg D, Guzei IA, West R. Structure and chemistry of 1-silafluorenyl dianion, its derivatives, and an organosilicon diradical dianion. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:49-57.
Reger DL, Little CA, Smith MD, Rheingold AL, Liable-Sands LM, Yap GPA, Guzei IA. Syntheses and solid state structures of tris(pyrazolyl) methane complexes of sodium, potassium, calcium, and strontium: Comparison of structures with analogous complexes of lead(II). Inorganic Chemistry. 2002 ;41:19-27.
Espenson JH, Shan XP, Wang Y, Huang RL, Lahti DW, Dixon J, Lente G, Ellern A, Guzei IA. Synthesis and characterization of dimetallic oxorhenium(V) and dioxorhenium(VII) compounds, and a study of stoichiometric and catalytic reactions. Inorganic Chemistry. 2002 ;41:2583-2591.
Li KL, Darkwa J, Guzei IA, Mapolie SF. Synthesis and evaluation of substituted pyrazoles palladium(II) complexes as ethylene polymerization catalysts. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2002 ;660:108-115.
Kim JS, Sen A, Guzei IA, Siable-Sand LM, Rheingold AL. Synthesis and reactivity of bimetallic palladium(II) methyl complexes with new functional phosphine ligands. Journal of the Chemical Society-Dalton Transactions. 2002 :4726-4731.