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Zhang ZR, Becker JY, West R. The effect of ring-size on the electrochemical oxidation of perethylcyclopolysilanes (Et2Si)(n). Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 1999 ;574:11-18.
Sohn HL, Huddleston RR, Powell DR, West R, Oka K, Xu YH. An electroluminescent polysilole and some dichlorooligosiloles. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1999 ;121:2935-2936.
Xu YH, Fujino T, Naito H, Dohmaru T, Oka K, Sohn H, West R. Electroluminescent properties of a novel sigma*-pi* conjugated polymer, poly 1,1-(2,3,4,5-tetraphenylsilole). Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Short Notes & Review Papers. 1999 ;38:6915-6918.
Herzog U, West R. Heterosubstituted polysilanes. Macromolecules. 1999 ;32:2210-2214.
Hooper R, Lyons LJ, Moline DA, West R. A highly conductive solid-state polymer electrolyte based on a double-comb polysiloxane polymer with oligo(ethylene oxide) side chains. Organometallics. 1999 ;18:3249-3251.
Nakayama Y, Hirooka K, Oka K, West R. Hole transport in oriented polysilane films. Solid State Communications. 1999 ;109:45-49.
Miller ML, West R. Platinum-catalyzed hydrosilylation of C-60: Synthesis of a novel fullerene-siloxane polymer. Chemical Communications. 1999 :1797-1798.
Eichler BE, Miracle GE, Powell DR, West R. Three stable 1-silapropadienes. Main Group Metal Chemistry. 1999 ;22:147-162.
Yuan CH, West R. Amorphous poly (alkoxy-n-alkyl)methylsilane s and crystalline poly bis(alkoxy-n-alkyl)silane s: The effect of side-chain flexibility on the thermochromic transition. Macromolecules. 1998 ;31:1087-1092.
Zhang ZR, Becker JY, West R. Electrochemical behaviour of three- to nine-membered cyclic polysilanes. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry. 1998 ;28:517-524.
Zhang ZR, Becker JY, West R. Electrochemical oxidation of cyclic polysilanes under 'oxygen-free' and 'water-free' conditions. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. 1998 ;455:197-204.
Zhang ZR, Becker JY, West R. The electrochemistry of tetramesityldisilene, Mes(2)Si=SiMes(2). Chemical Communications. 1998 :2719-2720.
Koe JR, Powell DR, Buffy JJ, Hayase S, West R. Perchloropolysilane: X-ray structure, solid-state Si-29 NMR spectroscopy, and reactions of SiCl2 (n). Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 1998 ;37:1441-1442.
Ninomiya S, Ashihara Y, Nakayama Y, Oka K, West R. Reduction of photoscission of sigma bonds in polysilanes by fullerene doping. Journal of Applied Physics. 1998 ;83:3652-3655.
Li H, West R. Structures and photophysical properties of silicon-containing phenyleneethynylene polymers. Macromolecules. 1998 ;31:2866-2871.
Haaf M, Schmiedl A, Schmedake TA, Powell DR, Millevolte AJ, Denk M, West R. Synthesis and reactivity of a stable silylene. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1998 ;120:12714-12719.
Kanai T, Furukawa S, Maeda Y, Hayashi Y, Oka K, Dohmaru T, West R. Valence electronic structures of organopolysilanes having symmetric alkyl side-chains studied by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter. 1998 ;10:883-891.
Koe JR, Powell DR, Buffy JJ, West R. X-ray structure and solid state Si-29 NMR spectroscopy of the octahalocyclotetrasilanes, Si4Cl8 and Si4Br4. Polyhedron. 1998 ;17:1791-1793.
Oka K, Fujiue N, Dohmaru T, Yuan CH, West R. An abrupt solvatochromic transition in a polar polysilane. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1997 ;119:4074-4075.
Sohn H, Powell DR, West R, Hong JH, Joo WC. Dimerization of the silole anion C4Ph4SiMe (-) to a tricyclic diallylic dianion. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:2770-2772.
Zhang ZR, Becker JY, West R. Electrochemical oxidation of three- and four-membered cyclic polysilanes: (Mes(2)Si)(3) and t-Bu(Me)Si(4). Electrochimica Acta. 1997 ;42:1985-1992.
Millevolte AJ, Vandenwinkel Y, Powell DR, West R. Formation of a silafluorene from and intramolecular ring-closure reaction. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:5375-5376.
Zhao W, Li H, West R, Wright JC. Measurement of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility in a representative soluble polymer with acetylenic linkages. Chemical Physics Letters. 1997 ;281:105-110.
Sohn H, Merritt J, Powell DR, West R. A new spirocyclic system: Synthesis of a silaspirotropylidene. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:5133-5134.
Yuan CH, West R. Positive and negative ionochromism and uv sensor properties of oxygen-containing polysilanes. Chemical Communications. 1997 :1825-1826.
West R, Cavalieri JD, Buffy JJ, Fry CG, Zilm KW, Duchamp JC, Kira M, Iwamoto T, Muller T, Apeloig Y. A solid-state (NMR)-n-1 and theoretical study of the chemical bonding in disilenes. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1997 ;119:4972-4976.
Trommer M, Miracle GE, Eichler BE, Powell DR, West R. Synthesis and reactivity of several stable 1-silaallenes. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:5737-5747.
Cho EJ, Lee V, Yoo BR, Jung IN, Sohn H, Powell DR, West R. Synthesis and structures of silyl-group-containing hexaalkylated benzenes. Organometallics. 1997 ;16:4200-4205.
Frenzel A, Buffy JJ, Powell DR, Muller T, West R. Synthetic and structural studies of 1-sila-2,5-diaryltetrazenes. Chemische Berichte-Recueil. 1997 ;130:1579-1583.
Leites LA, Bukalov SS, Garbuzova IA, West R, Mangette J, Spitzner H. Vibrational spectra of disilenes. Normal coordinate analysis and identification of the nu(Si=Si) stretching vibration. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 1997 ;536:425-432.
Leites LA, Bukalov SS, Vinogradova LE, West R, Yuan CH. Vibrational study of rotational isomerism in dialkyldichlorosilanes Cl2SiR2 (R=Bu-n, Hex(n)). Russian Chemical Bulletin. 1997 ;46:302-306.
Bukalov SS, Teplitsky MV, Leites LA, Yuan CH, West R. Complex thermochromic phase transitions in three polydialkylsilanes with an oxygen atom in the side chain. Mendeleev Communications. 1996 :135-137.
Bukalov SS, Leites LA, West R, Asuke T. A detailed UV and Raman study of poly(n-butyl-n-hexylsilylene) phase transitions. Macromolecules. 1996 ;29:907-912.
Nakayama Y, Hirooka K, West R. Electric conduction in oriented polysilane films. Solid State Communications. 1996 ;100:759-762.
Becker JY, Shen MQ, West R. Electrochemical oxidation of deca-n-propylcyclopentasilane (n-Pr)(2)Si (5), dodecamethylcyclohexasilane (Me(2)Si)(6) and tetradecaethylcycloheptasilane (Et(2)Si)(7). Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. 1996 ;417:77-82.
Nakayama Y, Hayashi H, Kurando T, Oka K, Dohmaru T, West R. Photoinduced degradation of photoluminescence in polysilane films. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 2-Letters. 1996 ;35:L913-L916.
Lyons LJ, Southworth BA, Stam D, Yuan CH, West R. Polymer electrolytes based on polysilane comb polymers. Solid State Ionics. 1996 ;91:169-173.
Mangette JE, Powell DR, Firman TK, West R. The reactivity of tetramesityldisilene with epoxides: Dependence of product distributions on steric and structural characteristics of the epoxide. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 1996 ;521:363-375.
Klemann BM, West R, Koutsky JA. Structure and properties of poly(n-pentyl-n-alkylsilanes) .2. Macromolecules. 1996 ;29:198-206.
Wind M, Powell DR, West R. Structure of the THF solvate of tetramesityldisilene. Organometallics. 1996 ;15:5772-5773.
Hirooka K, West R, Nakayama Y. Temperature-dependent electrical orientation of poly(cyclohexylmethylsilane). Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 2-Letters & Express Letters. 1996 ;35:L1284-L1286.