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Skinner JL, Park K. Calculating vibrational energy relaxation rates from classical molecular dynamics simulations: Quantum correction factors for processes involving vibration-vibration energy transfer. Journal of Physical Chemistry BJournal of Physical Chemistry B. 2001 ;105:6716-6721.
Everitt KF, Geva E, Skinner JL. Determining the solvation correlation function from three-pulse photon echoes in liquids. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2001 ;114:1326-1335.
Everitt KF, Skinner JL. Isotropic Raman line shapes of N-2 and O-2 along their liquid-gas coexistence lines. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2001 ;115:8531-8539.
Everitt KF, Skinner JL. Molecular theory of three-pulse photon echoes for solutes in non-polar fluids. Chemical Physics. 2001 ;266:197-204.
Perng BC, Sasaki S, Ladanyi BM, Everitt KF, Skinner JL. A new intermolecular potential for liquid oxygen. Chemical Physics Letters. 2001 ;348:491-496.
Ropp J, Lawrence C, Farrar TC, Skinner JL. Rotational motion in liquid water is anisotropic: A nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular dynamics simulation study. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:8047-8052.
Ediger MD, Skinner JL. Single molecules rock and roll near the glass transition. Science. 2001 ;292:233-234.
Skinner JL, Everitt KF, Egorov SA. Vibrational energy relaxation in liquids and supercritical fluids. In: Practical Spectroscopy. Vol. 26. Practical Spectroscopy. ; 2001. pp. 675-694.