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Takeuchi S, Garstecki P, Weibel DB, Whitesides GM. An axisymmetric flow-focusing microfluidic device. Advanced Materials. 2005 ;17:1067-+.
Weibel DB, Lee A, Mayer M, Brady SF, Bruzewicz D, Yang J, DiLuzio WR, Clardy J, Whitesides GM. Bacterial printing press that regenerates its ink: Contact-printing bacteria using hydrogel stamps. Langmuir. 2005 ;21:6436-6442.
Weibel DB, Garstecki P, Whitesides GM. Combining microscience and neurobiology. Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 2005 ;15:560-567.
Takeuchi S, DiLuzio WR, Weibel DB, Whitesides GM. Controlling the shape of filamentous cells of Escherichia coli. Nano Letters. 2005 ;5:1819-1823.
Stevens MM, Mayer M, Anderson DG, Weibel DB, Whitesides GM, Langer R. Direct patterning of mammalian cells onto porous tissue engineering substrates using agarose stamps. Biomaterials. 2005 ;26:7636-7641.
DiLuzio WR, Turner L, Mayer M, Garstecki P, Weibel DB, Berg HC, Whitesides GM. Escherichia coli swim on the right-hand side. Nature. 2005 ;435:1271-1274.
Xu SQ, Nie ZH, Seo M, Lewis P, Kumacheva E, Stone HA, Garstecki P, Weibel DB, Gitlin I, Whitesides GM. Generation of monodisperse particles by using microfluidics: Control over size, shape, and composition. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2005 ;44:724-728.
Weibel DB, Garstecki P, Ryan D, DiLuzio WR, Mayer M, Seto JE, Whitesides GM. Microoxen: Microorganisms to move microscale loads. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2005 ;102:11963-11967.
Weibel DB, Boulatov R, Lee A, Ferrigno R, Whitesides GM. Modeling the anodic half-cell of a low-temperature coal fuel cell. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2005 ;44:5682-5686.
Weibel DB, Kruithof M, Potenta S, Sia SK, Lee A, Whitesides GM. Torque-actuated valves for microfluidics. Analytical Chemistry. 2005 ;77:4726-4733.