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Feltenberger JB, Hayashi R, Tang Y, Babiash ESC, Hsung RP. Enamide-Benzyne- 2+2 Cycloaddition: Stereoselective Tandem 2+2 -Pericyclic Ring-Opening-Intramolecular N-Tethered 4+2 Cycloadditions. Organic Letters. 2009 ;11:3666-3669.
Zhang Y, Gerasyuto AI, Long QA, Hsung RP. A General Approach to the Quinolizidine Alkaloids via an Intramolecular Aza- 3+3 Annulation: Synthesis of (+/-)-2-Deoxylasubine II. Synlett. 2009 :237-240.
Li HY, Hsung RP. Highly Substituted 2-Amido-furans From Rh(II)-Catalyzed Cyclopropenations of Ynamides. Organic Letters. 2009 ;11:4462-4465.
Hayashi R, Hsung RP, Feltenberger JB, Lohse AG. Regio- and Stereoselective Isomerizations of Allenamides: Synthesis of 2-Amido-Dienes and Their Tandem Isomerization-Electrocyclic Ring-Closure. Organic Letters. 2009 ;11:2125-2128.
Oppenheimer J, Johnson WL, Figueroa R, Hayashi R, Hsung RP. A rhodium(I)-xylyl-BINAP catalyzed asymmetric ynamide- 2+2+2 cycloaddition in the synthesis of optically enriched N,O-biaryls. Tetrahedron. 2009 ;65:5001-5012.
Li G, Carlson LJ, Sagamanova IK, Slafer BW, Hsung RP, Gilardi C, Sklenicka HM, Sydorenko N. Stereodivergent Approach to Both C2,8a-syn and C2,8a-anti Relative Stereochemical Manifolds in the Lepadin Family via a TiCl4-Promoted Aza- 3+3 Annulation. Synthesis-Stuttgart. 2009 :2905-2914.
Zhang Y, DeKorver KA, Lohse AG, Zhang YS, Huang J, Hsung RP. Synthesis of Amidines Using N-Allyl Ynamides. A Palladium-Catalyzed Allyl Transfer through an Ynamido-pi-Allyl Complex. Organic Letters. 2009 ;11:899-902.
Lu T, Hayashi R, Hsung RP, DeKorver KA, Lohse AG, Song ZL, Tang Y. Synthesis of amido-spiro 2.2 pentanes via Simmons-Smith cyclopropanation of allenamides. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 2009 ;7:3331-3337.
Lohse AG, Hsung RP. Thermal Intramolecular 4+2 Cycloadditions of Allenamides: A Stereoselective Tandem Propargyl Amide Isomerization-Cycloaddition. Organic Letters. 2009 ;11:3430-3433.
Tang Y, Cole KP, Buchanan GS, Li G, Hsung RP. Total Synthesis of Phomactin A. Organic Letters. 2009 ;11:1591-1594.
Ghosh SK, Buchanan GS, Long QA, Wei Y, Al-Rashid ZF, Sklenicka HM, Hsung RP. Aza- and carbo- 3+3 annulations of exo-cyclic vinylogous amides and urethanes. Synthesis of tetrahydroindolizidines and an unexpected formation of hexahydroquinolines. Tetrahedron. 2008 ;64:883-893.
You LF, Hsung RP, Bedermann AA, Kurdyumov AV, Tang Y, Buchanan GS, Cole KP. An Enantioselective Synthesis of the ABD Tricycle for (-)-Phomactin A Featuring Rawal's Asymmetric Diels-Alder Cycloaddition. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. 2008 ;350:2885-2891.
Ko CG, Feltenberger JB, Ghosh SK, Hsung RP. Gassman's intramolecular 2+2 cationic cycloaddition. Formal total syntheses of raikovenal and epi-raikovenal. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:1971-1974.
Zhang XJ, Hsung RP, Li HY, Zhang Y, Johnson WL, Figueroa R. A highly stereoselective synthesis of chiral alpha-amino-beta-lactams via the Kinugasa reaction employing ynamides. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:3477-3479.
Lu T, Song ZL, Hsung RP. A mutually pi-facial selective cyclopropanation of chiral enamides using dirhodium(II) carbenoids. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:541-544.
Al-Rashid ZF, Hsung RP. Reactive intermediates from DMDO oxidation of ynamides. Trapping of a de novo chiral push-pull carbene via cyclopropanation. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:661-663.
Tang Y, Shen LC, Dellaria BJ, Hsung RP. Saucy-Marbet rearrangements of alkynyl halides in the synthesis of highly enantiomerically enriched allenyl halides. Tetrahedron Letters. 2008 ;49:6404-6409.
Yao PY, Zhang Y, Hsung RP, Zhao K. A sequential metal-catalyzed C-N bond formation in the synthesis of 2-amido-indoles. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:4275-4278.
Al-Rashid ZF, Johnson WL, Hsung RP, Wei YG, Yao PY, Liu RH, Zhao K. Synthesis of alpha-Keto-Imides via Oxidation of Ynamides. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2008 ;73:8780-8784.
Yang JH, Liu J, Hsung RP. Synthesis of the C1-C23 fragment of spirastrellolide A. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:2525-2528.
Li G, Hsung RP, Slafer BW, Sagamanova IK. Total Synthesis of (+)-Lepadin F. Organic Letters. 2008 ;10:4991-4994.
Antoline JE, Hsung RP. An unexpected reversal of diastereoselectivity in the 4+3 -cycloaddition reaction of nitrogen-stabilized oxyallyl cations with methyl 2-furoate. Synlett. 2008 :739-744.
Figueroa R, Hsung RP, Guevarra CC. An enantioselective total synthesis of (+)-aigialospirol. Organic Letters. 2007 ;9:4857-4859.
Song ZL, Hsung RP. A formal total synthesis of (+)-zincophorin. Observation of an unusual urea-directed Stork-Crabtree hydrogenation. Organic Letters. 2007 ;9:2199-2202.
Antoline JE, Hsung RP, Huang J, Song ZL, Li G. Highly stereoselective 4+3 cycloadditions of nitrogen-stabilized oxyallyl cations with pyrroles. An approach to parvineostemonine. Organic Letters. 2007 ;9:1275-1278.
Gerasyuto AI, Hsung RP. An intramolecular aza- 3+3 annulation approach to azaphenalene alkaloids. Total synthesis of myrrhine. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2007 ;72:2476-2484.
Sagamanova IK, Kurtz KCM, Hsung RP. PRACTICAL SYNTHESIS OF A CHIRAL YNAMIDE: (R)-4-PHENYL-3-(2-TRIISOPROPYLSILYL-ETHYNYL)OXAZOLIDIN-2-ONE 2-Oxazolidinone, 4-Phenyl-3-(2-triisopropylsilyl-ethynyl)-, (4R)-. In: Miller MJ Organic Syntheses. Vol. 84. Organic Syntheses. ; 2007. pp. 359-367.
Oppenheimer J, Johnson WL, Tracey MR, Hsung RP, Yao PY, Liu RH, Zhao K. A rhodium(I)-catalyzed demethylation-cyclization of o-anisole-substituted ynamides in the synthesis of chiral 2-amido benzofurans. Organic Letters. 2007 ;9:2361-2364.
Oppenheimer J, Hsung RP, Figueroa R, Johnson WL. Stereochemical control of both C-C and C-N axial chirality in the synthesis of chiral N,O-biaryls. Organic Letters. 2007 ;9:3969-3972.
Ko C, Hsung RP, Al-Rashid ZF, Feltenberger JB, Lu T, Yang JH, Wei Y, Zificsak CA. A stereoselective intramolecular halo-etherification of chiral enamides in the synthesis of halogenated cyclic ethers. Organic Letters. 2007 ;9:4459-4462.
Song ZL, Lu T, Hsung RP, Al-Rashid ZF, Ko CH, Tang Y. Stereoselective Simmons-Smith cyclopropanation of chiral enamides. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2007 ;46:4069-4072.
Song ZL, Hsung RP, Lu T, Lohse AG. Studies on a urea-directed Stork-Crabtree hydrogenation. Synthesis of the C1-C9 subunit of (+)-zincophorin. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2007 ;72:9722-9731.
Zhang XJ, McLaughlin M, Munoz RLP, Hsung RP, Wang J, Swidorski J. Syntheses of 2-pyrones via electrophilic substitutions at C7 of 4-hydroxy-6-methyl-2-pyrone through mono- or dianion formation. Synthesis-Stuttgart. 2007 :749-753.
Li HY, You LF, Zhang XJ, Johnson WL, Figueroa R, Hsung RP. Syntheses of amide-substituted isoxazoles and pyrazoles via regioselective 3+2 cycloadditions of terminally unsubstituted ynamides. Heterocycles. 2007 ;74:553-568.
Zhang XJ, Hsung RP, Li HY. A triazole-templated ring-closing metathesis for constructing novel fused and bridged triazoles. Chemical Communications. 2007 :2420-2422.
You LF, Al-Rashid ZF, Figueroa R, Ghosh SK, Li G, Lu T, Hsung RP. A two-carbon homologation of aldehydes and ketones using ynamides. Synlett. 2007 :1656-1662.
Ko CH, Hsung RP. An unusual stereoselectivity in the anomeric substitution with carbamates promoted by HNTf2. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. 2007 ;5:431-434.
Wang JS, Swidorski JJ, Sydorenko N, Hsung RP, Coverdale HA, Kuyava JM, Liu J. Aza- 3+3 annulations. Part 6. Total syntheses of putative (-)-lepadiformine and (-)-cylindricine C. Heterocycles. 2006 ;70:423-+.
Hsung RP. Chemistry of electron-deficient ynamines and ynamides - Preface. Tetrahedron. 2006 ;62:3781-3782.
Swidorski JJ, Wang JS, Hsung RP. A concise total synthesis of (-)-cylindricine C through a stereoselective intramolecular aza- 3+3 annulation strategy. Organic Letters. 2006 ;8:777-780.
Zhang XJ, Li HY, You LF, Tang Y, Hsung RP. Copper salt-catalyzed azide- 3+2 cycloadditions of ynamides and bis-ynamides. Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis. 2006 ;348:2437-2442.
Zhang XJ, Zhang YS, Huang J, Hsung RP, Kurtz KCM, Oppenheimer J, Petersen ME, Sagamanova IK, Shen LC, Tracey MR. Copper(II)-catalyzed amidations of alkynyl bromides as a general synthesis of ynamides and Z-enamides. An intramolecular amidation for the synthesis of macrocyclic ynamides. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2006 ;71:4170-4177.
Huang J, Ianni JC, Antoline JE, Hsung RP, Kozlowski MC. De novo chiral amino alcohols in catalyzing asymmetric additions to aryl aldehydes. Organic Letters. 2006 ;8:1565-1568.
Ghosh SK, Ko C, Liu J, Wang J, Hsung RP. A ketal-tethered RCM strategy toward the synthesis of spiroketal related natural products. Tetrahedron. 2006 ;62:10485-10496.
Kurdyumov AV, Lin N, Hsung RP, Gullickson GC, Cole KP, Sydorenko N, Swidorski JJ. A Lewis acid-catalyzed formal 3+3 cycloaddition of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes with 4-hydroxy-2-pyrone, diketones, and vinylogous esters. Organic Letters. 2006 ;8:191-193.
Tracey MR, Oppenheimer J, Hsung RP. Rhodium(I)-catalyzed 2+2+2 cycloadditions of ynamides in the synthesis of amide-substituted chiral biaryls. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2006 ;71:8629-8632.
Kurtz KCM, Hsung RP, Zhang YS. A ring-closing yne-carbonyl metathesis of ynamides. Organic Letters. 2006 ;8:231-234.
Gerasyuto AI, Hsung RP. Stereodivergent total syntheses of precoccinelline, hippodamine, coccinelline, and convergine. Organic Letters. 2006 ;8:4899-4902.
Tang Y, Oppenheimer J, Song ZL, You LF, Zhang XJ, Hsung RP. Strategies and approaches for constructing 1-oxadecalins. Tetrahedron. 2006 ;62:10785-10813.
Kurtz KCM, Frederick MO, Lambeth RH, Mulder JA, Tracey MR, Hsung RP. Synthesis of chiral allenes from ynamides through a highly stereoselective Saucy-Marbet rearrangement. Tetrahedron. 2006 ;62:3928-3938.