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Shkel IA, Record MT. Effect of the number of nucleic acid oligomer charges on the salt dependence of stability (Delta G degrees(37)) and melting temperature (T-m): NLPB analysis of experimental data. Biochemistry. 2004 ;43:7090-7101.
Felitsky DJ, Cannon JG, Capp MW, Hong J, Van Wynsberghe AW, Anderson CF, Record MT. The exclusion of glycine betaine from anionic biopolymer surface: Why glycine betaine is an effective osmoprotectant but also a compatible solute. Biochemistry. 2004 ;43:14732-14743.
Anderson CF, Record MT. Gibbs-Duhem-based relationships among derivatives expressing the concentration dependences of selected chemical potentials for a multicomponent system. Biophysical Chemistry. 2004 ;112:165-175.
Ballin JD, Shkel IA, Record MT. Interactions of the KWK6 cationic peptide with short nucleic acid oligomers: demonstration of large Coulombic end effects on binding at 0.1-0.2 M salt. Nucleic Acids Research. 2004 ;32:3271-3281.
Cayley S, Record MT. Large changes in cytoplasmic biopolymer concentration with osmolality indicate that macromolecular crowding may regulate protein-DNA interactions and growth rate in osmotically stressed Escherichia coli K-12. Journal of Molecular Recognition. 2004 ;17:488-496.
Hong J, Capp MW, Anderson CF, Saecker RM, Felitsky DJ, Anderson MW, Record MT. Preferential interactions of glycine betaine and of urea with DNA: Implications for DNA hydration and for effects of these solutes on DNA stability. Biochemistry. 2004 ;43:14744-14758.
Shkel IA, Tsodikov OV, Record MT. Asymptotic solution of the cylindrical nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann equation at low salt concentration: Analytic expressions for surface potential and preferential interaction coefficient. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2002 ;99:2597-2602.
Anderson CF, Felitsky DJ, Hong J, Record MT. Generalized derivation of an exact relationship linking different coefficients that characterize thermodynamic effects of preferential interactions. Biophysical Chemistry. 2002 ;101:497-511.
Saecker RM, Tsodikov OV, McQuade KL, Schlax PE, Capp MW, Record MT. Kinetic studies and structural models of the association of E-coli sigma(70) RNA polyerase with the lambda P-R promoter: Large scale conformational changes in forming the kinetically significant intermediates. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2002 ;319:649-671.
Tsodikov OV, Record MT, Sergeev YV. Novel computer program for fast exact calculation of accessible and molecular surface areas and average surface curvature. Journal of Computational Chemistry. 2002 ;23:600-609.
Saecker RM, Record MT. Protein surface salt bridges and paths for DNA wrapping. Current Opinion in Structural Biology. 2002 ;12:311-319.
Anderson CF, Courtenay ES, Record MT. Thermodynamic expressions relating different types of preferential interaction coefficients in solutions containing two solute components. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2002 ;106:418-433.
Cayley DS, Guttman HJ, Record MT. Biophysical characterization of changes in amounts and activity of Escherichia coli cell and compartment water and turgor pressure in response to osmotic stress. Biophysical Journal. 2000 ;78:1748-1764.
Shkel IA, Tsodikov OV, Record MT. Complete asymptotic solution of cylindrical and spherical Poisson-Boltzmann equations at experimental salt concentrations. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2000 ;104:5161-5170.
Holbrook JA, Capp MW, Saecker RM, Record MT. Delta H degrees and for Delta C-P degrees for formation of an oligomeric DNA duplex. Biophysical Journal. 2000 ;78:132A-132A.
Raffaelle M, Tsodikov OV, McQuade KL, Schlax PE, Craig ML, Record MT. Kinetics and structural characterization of the mechanism of the open complex formation between E sigma(76) RNA polymerase and the lambda P-R promoter. Biophysical Journal. 2000 ;78:50A-50A.
Courtenay ES, Capp MW, Saecker RM, Record MT. Thermodynamic analysis of interactions between denaturants and protein surface exposed on unfolding: Interpretation of urea and guanidinium chloride m-values and their correlation with changes in accessible surface area (ASA) using preferential interactio. Proteins Structure Function & Genetics. 2000 :72-85.
Courtenay ES, Capp MW, Anderson CF, Record MT. Vapor pressure osmometry studies of osmolyte-protein interactions: Implications for the action of osmoprotectants in vivo and for the interpretation of "osmotic stress" experiments in vitro. Biochemistry. 2000 ;39:4455-4471.
Holbrook JA, Capp MW, Saecker RM, Record MT. Enthalpy and heat capacity changes for formation of an oligomeric DNA duplex: Interpretation in terms of coupled processes of formation and association of single-stranded helices. Biochemistry. 1999 ;38:8409-8422.
Tsodikov OV, Record MT. General method of analysis of kinetic equations for multistep reversible mechanisms in the single-exponential regime: Application to kinetics of open complex formation between E sigma(70) RNA polymerase and lambda P-R promoter DNA. Biophysical Journal. 1999 ;76:1320-1329.
Zhang WT, Ni HH, Capp MW, Anderson CF, Lohman TM, Record MT. The importance of coulombic end effects: Experimental characterization of the effects of oligonucleotide flanking charges on the strength and salt dependence of oligocation (L8+) binding to single-stranded DNA oligomers. Biophysical Journal. 1999 ;76:1008-1017.
Ni HH, Anderson CF, Record MT. Quantifying the thermodynamic consequences of cation (M2+, M+) accumulation and anion (X-) exclusion in mixed salt solutions of polyanionic DNA using Monte Carlo and Poisson-Boltzmann calculations of ion-polyion preferential interaction coefficients. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1999 ;103:3489-3504.
Tsodikov OV, Saecker RM, Melcher SE, Levandoski MM, Frank DE, Capp MW, Record MT. Wrapping of flanking non-operator DNA in lac repressor-operator complexes: implications for DNA looping. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1999 ;294:639-655.
Record MT, Zhang WT, Anderson CF. Analysis of effects of salts and uncharged solutes on protein and nucleic acid equilibria and processes: A practical guide to recognizing and interpreting polyelectrolyte effects, Hofmeister effects, and osmotic effects of salts. Advances in Protein Chemistry, Vol 51. 1998 ;51:281-353.
Ballin J, Capp MW, Record MT. Binding of cationic tetrapeptides to double stranded DNA: Effects of replacing lysine or arginine with histidine. Biophysical Journal. 1998 ;74:A69-A69.
Record MT, Courtenay ES, Cayley S, Guttman HJ. Biophysical compensation mechanisms buffering E-coli protein-nucleic acid interactions against changing environments. Trends in Biochemical Sciences. 1998 ;23:190-194.
Craig ML, Tsodikov OV, McQuade KL, Schlax PE, Capp MW, Saecker RM, Record MT. DNA footprints of the two kinetically significant intermediates in formation of an RNA polymerase-promoter open complex: Evidence that interactions with start site and downstream DNA induce sequential conformational changes in polymerase and DNA. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1998 ;283:741-756.
Zupancic ML, Tsodikov OV, Schlax PE, Raffaelle M, McQuade KL, Record MT. Kinetic and thermodynamic characterization of interactions involving E sigma(70) RNA polymerase and the lambda P-R promoter. Biophysical Journal. 1998 ;74:A69-A69.
Ni HH, Yethiraj A, Anderson C, Record MT. Molecular and thermodynamic properties of DNA solutions containing mixed NaCl and MgCl2: Comparison of theories with experiments. Biophysical Journal. 1998 ;74:A283-A283.
Guttman HJ, Cayley S, Man L, Record MT. The physical biochemistry of osmotic adaption in E-coli K-12: Assessing the free concentrations of ions in the cytoplasm. Biophysical Journal. 1998 ;74:A286-A286.
Tsodikov OV, Craig ML, Saecker RM, Record MT. Quantitative analysis of multiple-hit footprinting studies to characterize DNA conformational changes in protein-DNA complexes: Application to DNA opening by E sigma(70) RNA polymerase. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1998 ;283:757-769.
Record MT, Courtenay ES, Cayley DS, Guttman HJ. Responses of E-coli to osmotic stress: Large changes in amounts of cytoplasmic solutes and water. Trends in Biochemical Sciences. 1998 ;23:143-148.
Dehaseth PL, Zupancic ML, Record MT. RNA polymerase-promoter interactions: the comings and goings of RNA polymerase. Journal of Bacteriology. 1998 ;180:3019-3025.
Melcher SE, Tsodikov OV, Saecker RM, Record MT. Thermodynamic studies of the lac repressor - Lac operator complex. Biophysical Journal. 1998 ;74:A68-A68.