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Hermans I. Alkane C-H Activation by Single- Site Metal Catalysis. Catalysis by Metal Complexes series, Vol. 38. Edited by Pedro J. Perez. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2013 ;52:4522-4523.
Spier E, Hermans I. Enhancing the Deperoxidation Activity of Cobalt(II)Acetylacetonate by the Addition of Octanoic Acid. Chemphyschem. 2013 ;14:3384-3388.
Fella CM, Uhl AR, Hammond C, Hermans I, Romanyuk YE, Tiwari AN. Formation mechanism of Cu2ZnSnSe4 absorber layers during selenization of solution deposited metal precursors. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2013 ;567:102-106.
Hammond C, Schuemperli MT, Conrad S, Hermans I. Hydrogen Transfer Processes Mediated by Supported Iridium Oxide Nanoparticles. Chemcatchem. 2013 ;5:2983-2990.
Spier E, Neuenschwander U, Hermans I. Insights into the Cobalt(II)-Catalyzed Decomposition of Peroxide. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2013 ;52:1581-1585.
Hammond C, Schuemperli MT, Hermans I. Insights into the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Amines with Nanoparticulate Iridium Oxide. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2013 ;19:13193-13198.
Aellig C, Scholz D, Conrad S, Hermans I. Intensification of TEMPO-mediated aerobic alcohol oxidations under three-phase flow conditions. Green Chemistry. 2013 ;15:1975-1980.
Turra N, Neuenschwander U, Hermans I. Molecule-Induced Peroxide Homolysis. Chemphyschem. 2013 ;14:1666-1669.
Hammond C, Straus J, Righettoni M, Pratsinis SE, Hermans I. Nanoparticulate Tungsten Oxide for Catalytic Epoxidations. Acs Catalysis. 2013 ;3:321-327.
Mellaerts R, Delvaux J, Leveque P, Wuyts B, Van den Mooter G, Augustijns P, Gallez B, Hermans I, Martens J. Screening protocol for identifying inorganic oxides with anti-oxidant and pro-oxidant activity for biomedical, environmental and food preservation applications. Rsc Advances. 2013 ;3:900-909.
Mania P, Conrad S, Verel R, Hammond C, Hermans I. Thermal restructuring of silica-grafted -CrO2Cl and -VOCl2 species. Dalton Transactions. 2013 ;42:12725-12732.
Mania P, Verel R, Jenny F, Hammond C, Hermans I. Thermal Restructuring of Silica-Grafted TiClx Species and Consequences for Epoxidation Catalysis. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2013 ;19:9849-9858.
Aellig C, Neuenschwander U, Hermans I. Acid-Catalyzed Decomposition of the Benzyl Nitrite Intermediate in HNO3-Mediated Aerobic Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohol. Chemcatchem. 2012 ;4:525-529.
Neuenschwander U, Meier E, Hermans I. Catalytic Epoxidations with Peroxides: Molybdenum Trioxide Species as the Origin of Allylic Byproducts. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2012 ;18:6776-6780.
Neuenschwander U, Neuenschwander J, Hermans I. Cavitation-induced radical-chain oxidation of valeric aldehyde. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry. 2012 ;19:1011-1014.
Aellig C, Hermans I. Continuous D-Fructose Dehydration to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Under Mild Conditions. Chemsuschem. 2012 ;5:1737-1742.
Schumperli MT, Hammond C, Hermans I. Developments in the Aerobic Oxidation of Amines. Acs Catalysis. 2012 ;2:1108-1117.
Van de Vyver S, Helsen S, Geboers J, Yu F, Thomas J, Smet M, Dehaen W, Roman-Leshkov Y, Hermans I, Sels BF. Mechanistic Insights into the Kinetic and Regiochemical Control of the Thiol-Promoted Catalytic Synthesis of Diphenolic Acid. Acs Catalysis. 2012 ;2:2700-2704.
Aellig C, Scholz D, Hermans I. Metal-Free Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation: Intensification under Three-Phase Flow Conditions. Chemsuschem. 2012 ;5:1732-1736.
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Hammond C, Conrad S, Hermans I. Oxidative Methane Upgrading. Chemsuschem. 2012 ;5:1668-1686.
Schumperli MT, Hammond C, Hermans I. Reactivity of alpha-amino-peroxyl radicals and consequences for amine oxidation chemistry. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2012 ;14:11002-11007.
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Neuenschwander U, Hermans I. Thermal and catalytic formation of radicals during autoxidation. Journal of Catalysis. 2012 ;287:1-4.