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Hsung RP, Wei LL, Sklenicka HM, Douglas CJ, McLaughlin MJ, Mulder JA, Yao LJ. Formal cycloaddition reactions of vinylogous amides with alpha,beta-unsaturated iminiums. A strategy for constructing piperidinyl heterocycles. Organic Letters. 1999 ;1:509-512.
Wei LL, Xiong H, Douglas CJ, Hsung RP. Inverse demand 4+2 cycloaddition reactions of allenamides: reactivity scopes of an electron deficient variant of allenamines. Tetrahedron Letters. 1999 ;40:6903-6907.
Hsung RP, Zificsak CA, Wei LL, Douglas CJ, Xiong H, Mulder JA. Lewis acid promoted hetero 2+2 cycloaddition reactions of aldehydes with 10-propynyl-9(10H)-acridone. A highly stereoselective synthesis of acrylic acid derivatives and 1,3-dienes using an electron deficient variant of ynamine. Organic Letters. 1999 ;1:1237-1240.
Hsung RP, Shen HC, Douglas CJ, Morgan CD, Degen SJ, Yao LJ. Sequential 1,2-addition-electrocyclic ring closures involving acyclic alpha,beta-unsaturated iminiums: A formal 3+3 cycloaddition strategy to unique pyranyl spirocycles. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1999 ;64:690-691.
Douglas CJ, Sklenicka HM, Shen HC, Mathias DS, Degen SJ, Golding GM, Morgan CD, Shih RA, Mueller KL, Seurer LM, et al. Synthesis and UV studies of a small library of 6-aryl-4-hydroxy-2-pyrones. A relevant structural feature for the inhibitory property of arisugacin against acetylcholinesterase. Tetrahedron. 1999 ;55:13683-13696.