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Holmgren SK, Taylor KM, Bretscher LE, Raines RT. Code for collagen's stability deciphered. Nature. 1998 ;392:666-667.
Fisher BM, Schultz LW, Raines RT. Coulombic effects of remote subsites on the active site of ribonuclease A. Biochemistry. 1998 ;37:17386-17401.
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Bretscher LE, Jenkins CL, Taylor KM, DeRider ML, Raines RT. Conformational stability of collagen relies on a stereoelectronic effect. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:777-778.
Chandran SS, Taylor KM, Raines RT. Contribution of individual modules of a leucine-rich repeat protein to its affinity for other proteins. Biochemistry. 2001 ;40:8615-8616.
Kersteen EA, Raines RT. Contribution of tertiary amides to the conformational stability of collagen triple helices. Biopolymers. 2001 ;59:24-28.
Park C, Schultz LW, Raines RT. Contribution of the active site histidine residues of ribonuclease A to nucleic acid binding. Biochemistry. 2001 ;40:4949-4956.
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Abel RL, Haigis MC, Park C, Raines RT. Fluorescence assay for the binding of ribonuclease A to the ribonuclease inhibitor protein. Analytical Biochemistry. 2002 ;306:100-107.
Park SH, Raines RT. Genetic screen to dissect protein-protein interactions: ribonuclease inhibitor-ribonuclease A as a model system. Methods. 2002 ;28:346-352.
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