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Gestwicki JE, Strong LE, Cairo CW, Boehm FJ, Kiessling LL. Cell aggregation by scaffolded receptor clusters. Chemistry & Biology. 2002 ;9:163-169.
Gestwicki JE, Kiessling LL. Inter-receptor communication through arrays of bacterial chemoreceptors. Nature. 2002 ;415:81-84.
Gestwicki JE, Cairo CW, Strong LE, Oetjen KA, Kiessling LL. Influencing receptor-ligand binding mechanisms with multivalent ligand architecture. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2002 ;124:14922-14933.
Gestwicki JE, Cairo CW, Mann DA, Owen RM, Kiessling LL. Selective immobilization of multivalent ligands for surface plasmon resonance and fluorescence microscopy. Analytical Biochemistry. 2002 ;305:149-155.
Gestwicki JE, Strong LE, Borchardt SL, Cairo CW, Schnoes AM, Kiessling LL. Designed potent multivalent chemoattractants for Escherichia coli. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry. 2001 ;9:2387-2393.
Gestwicki JE, Strong LE, Kiessling LL. Visualization of single multivalent receptor-ligand complexes by transmission electron microscopy. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2000 ;39:4567-+.
Gestwicki JE, Strong LE, Kiessling LL. Tuning chemotactic responses with synthetic multivalent ligands. Chemistry & Biology. 2000 ;7:583-591.
Gestwicki JE, Lamanna AC, Harshey RM, McCarter LL, Kiessling LL, Adler J. Evolutionary conservation of methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein location in Bacteria and Archaea. Journal of Bacteriology. 2000 ;182:6499-6502.