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Engelkemier J, Fredrickson DC. Chemical Pressure Schemes for the Prediction of Soft Phonon Modes: A Chemist's Guide to the Vibrations of Solid State Materials. Chemistry of Materials. 2016 ;28:3171-3183.
Kilduff BJ, Fredrickson DC. Chemical Pressure-Driven Incommensurability in CaPd5: Clues to High-Pressure Chemistry Offered by Complex Intermetallics. Inorganic Chemistry. 2016 ;55:6781-6793.
Fredrickson RT, Fredrickson DC. Communication between cation environments in aluminosilicate frameworks: incommensurately modulated crystal structure of an e-plagioclase. Acta Crystallographica Section B-Structural Science Crystal Engineering and Materials. 2016 ;72:787-801.
Fredrickson RT, Guo YM, Fredrickson DC. Epitaxial Stabilization between Intermetallic and Carbide Domains in the Structures of Mn16SiC4 and Mn17Si2C4. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2016 ;138:248-256.
Guo YM, Fredrickson DC. On the Functionality of Complex Intermetallics: Frustration, Chemical Pressure Relief, and Potential Rattling Atoms in Y11Ni60C6. Inorganic Chemistry. 2016 ;55:10397-10405.
Fredrickson DC. A Pressurized Exploration of Intermetallic Chemistry. Acs Central Science. 2016 ;2:773-774.
Guo YM, Fredrickson DC. PRINCEPS: A Computer-Based Approach to the Structural Description and Recognition of Trends within Structural Databases, and Its Application to the Ce-Ni-Si System. Crystals. 2016 ;6.
Engelkemier J, Green LM, McDougald RN, McCandless GT, Chan JY, Fredrickson DC. Putting ScTGa5 (T = Fe, Co, Ni) on the Map: How Electron Counts and Chemical Pressure Shape the Stability Range of the HoCoGa5 Type. Crystal Growth & Design. 2016 ;16:5349-5358.
Vinokur AI, Fredrickson DC. Toward Design Principles for Diffusionless Transformations: The Frustrated Formation of Co-Co Bonds in a Low-Temperature Polymorph of GdCoSi2. Inorganic Chemistry. 2016 ;55:6148-6160.
Guo YM, Stacey TE, Fredrickson DC. Acid-Base Chemistry in the Formation of Mackay-Type Icosahedral Clusters: mu(3)-Acidity Analysis of Sc-Rich Phases of the Sc-Ir System. Inorganic Chemistry. 2014 ;53:5280-5293.
Fulfer BW, McAlpin JD, Engelkemier J, McCandless GT, Prestigiacomo J, Stadler S, Fredrickson DC, Chan JY. Filling in the Holes: Structural and Magnetic Properties of the Chemical Pressure Stabilized LnMn(x)Ga(3) (Ln = Ho-Tm; x < 0.15). Chemistry of Materials. 2014 ;26:1170-1179.
Yannello VJ, Kilduff BJ, Fredrickson DC. Isolobal Analogies in Intermetallics: The Reversed Approximation MO Approach and Applications to CrGa4- and Ir3Ge7-Type Phases. Inorganic Chemistry. 2014 ;53:2730-2741.
Yannello VJ, Fredrickson DC. Orbital Origins of Helices and Magic Electron Counts in the Nowotny Chimney Ladders: the 18-n Rule and a Path to Incommensurability. Inorganic Chemistry. 2014 ;53:10627-10631.
Berns VM, Engelkemier J, Guo YM, Kilduff BJ, Fredrickson DC. Progress in Visualizing Atomic Size Effects with DFT-Chemical Pressure Analysis: From Isolated Atoms to Trends in AB(5) Intermetallics. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. 2014 ;10:3380-3392.
Berns VM, Fredrickson DC. Structural Plasticity: How Intermetallics Deform Themselves in Response to Chemical Pressure, and the Complex Structures That Result. Inorganic Chemistry. 2014 ;53:10762-10771.