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Bertram TH, Perring AE, Wooldridge PJ, Dibb J, Avery MA, Cohen RC. On the export of reactive nitrogen from Asia: NOx partitioning and effects on ozone. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2013 ;13:4617-4630.
Bertram TH, Kimmel JR, Crisp TA, Ryder OS, Yatavelli RLN, Thornton JA, Cubison MJ, Gonin M, Worsnop DR. A field-deployable, chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2011 ;4:1471-1479.
Bertram TH, Thornton JA, Riedel TP, Middlebrook AM, Bahreini R, Bates TS, Quinn PK, Coffman DJ. Direct observations of N2O5 reactivity on ambient aerosol particles. Geophysical Research Letters. 2009 ;36.
Bertram TH, Perring AE, Wooldridge PJ, Crounse JD, Kwan AJ, Wennberg PO, Scheuer E, Dibb J, Avery M, Sachse G, et al. Direct measurements of the convective recycling of the upper troposphere. Science. 2007 ;315:816-820.
Bertram TH. Observational constraints for the source strengths, transport and partitioning of reactive nitrogen on regional and global scales. Ann Arbor: University of California, Berkeley; 2006 p. 223 p.
Bertram TH, Heckel A, Richter A, Burrows JP, Cohen RC. Satellite measurements of daily variations in soil NOx emissions. Geophysical Research Letters. 2005 ;32.
Bertram TH, Cohen RC, Thorn WJ, Chu PM. Consistency of ozone and nitrogen oxides standards at tropospherically relevant mixing ratios. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. 2005 ;55:1473-1479.
Bertram TH, Thornton JA. Toward a general parameterization of N2O5 reactivity on aqueous particles: the competing effects of particle liquid water, nitrate and chloride. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2009 ;9:8351-8363.
Bertram TH, Thornton JA, Riedel TP. An experimental technique for the direct measurement of N2O5 reactivity on ambient particles. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2009 ;2:231-242.
Bertram TH, Cochran RE, Grassian VH, Stone EA. Sea spray aerosol chemical composition: elemental and molecular mimics for laboratory studies of heterogeneous and multiphase reactions. Chemical Society Reviews. 2018 ;47:2374-2400.