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Esselman B, Amberger BK, Shutter JD, Daane MA, Stanton JF, Woods RC, McMahon RJ. Rotational spectroscopy of pyridazine and its isotopologs from 235-360 GHz: Equilibrium structure and vibrational satellites. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2013 ;139.
Esselman B, McMahon RJ. Effects of Ethynyl Substitution on Cyclobutadiene. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2012 ;116:483-490.
Esselman B, Hill NJ. Proper Resonance Depiction of Acylium Cation: A High-Level and Student Computational Investigation. Journal of Chemical Education. 2015 ;92:660-663.
Esselman B, Emmert FL, Wiederhold AJ, Thompson SJ, Slipchenko LV, McMahon RJ. Thermal Isomerizations of Diethynyl Cyclobutadienes and Implications for Fullerene Formation. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2015 ;80:11863-11868.
Esselman B, Hill NJ. Integration of Computational Chemistry into the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum. Journal of Chemical Education. 2016 ;93:932-936.
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Esselman B, Hill NJ, Tucker WB, Zdanovskaia MA, Habib AD. Deeper Analysis of the EAS Nitration of Bromobenzene: A Computational and Spectroscopic Study for the Undergraduate Organic Laboratory. Chemical Educator. 2016 ;21:166-172.
Esselman B, Hill NJ. Revisiting the Bleach Oxidation of 4-tert-Butylcyclohexanol. The Chemical Educator. 2018 ;23:23-27.
Esselman B, Block SB. VSEPR-Plus: Correct Molecular and Electronic Structures Can Lead to Better Student Conceptual Models. Journal of Chemical Education. 2019 ;96:75-81.
Esselman B, Hill NJ. Integrating Computational Chemistry into an Organic Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum Using WebMO. In: Washington D.C.: American Chemical Society; 2019. pp. 139–162.
Esselman B, Zdanovskaia MA, Woods RC, McMahon RJ. Millimeter-wave spectroscopy of the chlorine isotopologues of 2-chloropyridine and twenty-three of their vibrationally excited states. Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 2019 ;365.