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Tsodikov OV, Record MT, Sergeev YV. Novel computer program for fast exact calculation of accessible and molecular surface areas and average surface curvature. Journal of Computational Chemistry. 2002 ;23:600-609.
Tsodikov OV, Holbrook JA, Shkel IA, Record MT. Analytic binding isotherms describing competitive interactions of a protein ligand with specific and nonspecific sites on the same DNA oligomer. Biophysical Journal. 2001 ;81:1960-1969.
Tsodikov OV, Saecker RM, Melcher SE, Levandoski MM, Frank DE, Capp MW, Record MT. Wrapping of flanking non-operator DNA in lac repressor-operator complexes: implications for DNA looping. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1999 ;294:639-655.
Tsodikov OV, Record MT. General method of analysis of kinetic equations for multistep reversible mechanisms in the single-exponential regime: Application to kinetics of open complex formation between E sigma(70) RNA polymerase and lambda P-R promoter DNA. Biophysical Journal. 1999 ;76:1320-1329.
Tsodikov OV, Craig ML, Saecker RM, Record MT. Quantitative analysis of multiple-hit footprinting studies to characterize DNA conformational changes in protein-DNA complexes: Application to DNA opening by E sigma(70) RNA polymerase. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1998 ;283:757-769.
Tsodikov OV, Schlax PE, McQuade KL, Record MT. RNA polymerase promoter kinetics and thermodynamics: Results of an analytical method. Biophysical Journal. 1996 ;70:MAMJ9-MAMJ9.