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Keutsch FN, Karyakin EN, Saykally RJ, van der Avoird A. The 583.2 GHz torsional hot-band of (D2O)(3). Journal of Chemical Physics. 2001 ;114:3988-3993.
Keutsch FN, Goldman N, Karyakin EN, Harker HA, Sanz ME, Leforestier C, Saykally RJ. Complete characterization of the (D2O)2 ground state: High Ka rotation-tunneling levels. Faraday Discussions. 2001 ;118:79-93.
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Keutsch FN, Fellers RS, Viant MR, Saykally RJ. Far-infrared laser vibration-rotation-tunneling spectroscopy of water clusters in the librational band region of liquid water. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2001 ;114:4005-4015.
Keutsch FN, Fellers RS, Brown MG, Viant MR, Petersen PB, Saykally RJ. Hydrogen bond breaking dynamics of the water trimer in the translational and librational band region of liquid water. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2001 ;123:5938-5941.
Keutsch FN, Brown MG, Petersen PB, Saykally RJ, Geleijns M, van der Avoird A. Terahertz vibration-rotation-tunneling spectroscopy of water clusters in the translational band region of liquid water. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2001 ;114:3994-4004.
Keutsch FN, Saykally RJ. Water clusters: Untangling the mysteries of the liquid, one molecule at a time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2001 ;98:10533-10540.
Bindi L, Keutsch FN, Francis CA, Menchetti S. Fettelite, [Ag6As2S7][Ag10HgAs2S8] from Chanarcillo, Chile: Crystal structure, pseudosymmetry, twinning, and revised chemical formula. American Mineralogist. 2009 ;94:609-615.
Galloway MM, Chhabra PS, Chan AWH, Surratt JD, Flagan RC, Seinfeld JH, Keutsch FN. Glyoxal uptake on ammonium sulphate seed aerosol: reaction products and reversibility of uptake under dark and irradiated conditions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2009 ;9:3331-3345.
Hottle JR, Huisman AJ, Digangi JP, Kammrath A, Galloway MM, Coens KL, Keutsch FN. A Laser Induced Fluorescence-Based Instrument for In-Situ Measurements of Atmospheric Formaldehyde. Environmental Science & Technology. 2009 ;43:790-795.
Sayres DS, Moyer EJ, Hanisco TF, Clair JM, Keutsch FN, O'Brien A, Allen NT, Lapson L, Demusz JN, Rivero M, et al. A new cavity based absorption instrument for detection of water isotopologues in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. Review of Scientific Instruments. 2009 ;80.
Chan AWH, Galloway MM, Kwan AJ, Chhabra PS, Keutsch FN, Wennberg PO, Flagan RC, Seinfeld JH. Photooxidation of 2-Methyl-3-Buten-2-ol (MBO) as a Potential Source of Secondary Organic Aerosol. Environmental Science & Technology. 2009 ;43:4647-4652.
Galloway MM, Loza CL, Chhabra PS, Chan AWH, Yee LD, Seinfeld JH, Keutsch FN. Analysis of photochemical and dark glyoxal uptake: Implications for SOA formation. Geophysical Research Letters. 2011 ;38 L17811 L17811.
Wolfe GM, Thornton JA, Bouvier-Brown NC, Goldstein AH, Park JH, McKay M, Matross DM, Mao J, Brune WH, LaFranchi BW, et al. The Chemistry of Atmosphere-Forest Exchange (CAFE) Model - Part 2: Application to BEARPEX-2007 observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2011 ;11:1269-1294.
Digangi JP, Boyle ES, Karl T, Harley P, Turnipseed A, Kim S, Cantrell C, Maudlin, R. L. III, Zheng W, Flocke F, et al. First direct measurements of formaldehyde flux via eddy covariance: implications for missing in-canopy formaldehyde sources. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2011 ;11:10565-10578.
Yu G, Bayer AR, Galloway MM, Korshavn KJ, Fry CG, Keutsch FN. Glyoxal in Aqueous Ammonium Sulfate Solutions: Products, Kinetics and Hydration Effects. Environmental Science & Technology. 2011 ;45:6336-6342.
Olson CN, Galloway MM, Yu G, Hedman CJ, Lockett MR, Yoon TP, Stone EA, Smith LM, Keutsch FN. Hydroxycarboxylic Acid-Derived Organosulfates: Synthesis, Stability, and Quantification in Ambient Aerosol. Environmental Science & Technology. 2011 ;45:6468-6474.
Huisman AJ, Hottle JR, Galloway MM, Digangi JP, Coens KL, Choi W, Faloona IC, Gilman JB, Kuster WC, de Gouw J, et al. Photochemical modeling of glyoxal at a rural site: observations and analysis from BEARPEX 2007. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2011 ;11:8883-8897.
Galloway MM, Huisman AJ, Yee LD, Chan AWH, Loza CL, Seinfeld JH, Keutsch FN. Yields of oxidized volatile organic compounds during the OH radical initiated oxidation of isoprene, methyl vinyl ketone, and methacrolein under high-NOx conditions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2011 ;11:10779-10790.
Ahlm L, Liu S, Day DA, Russell LM, Weber R, Gentner DR, Goldstein AH, Digangi JP, Henry SB, Keutsch FN, et al. Formation and growth of ultrafine particles from secondary sources in Bakersfield, California. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. 2012 ;117.
Bryan AM, Bertman SB, Carroll MA, Dusanter S, Edwards GD, Forkel R, Griffith S, Guenther AB, Hansen RF, Helmig D, et al. In-canopy gas-phase chemistry during CABINEX 2009: sensitivity of a 1-D canopy model to vertical mixing and isoprene chemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2012 ;12:8829-8849.
Mao J, Ren X, Zhang L, Van Duin DM, Cohen RC, Park JH, Goldstein AH, Paulot F, Beaver MR, Crounse JD, et al. Insights into hydroxyl measurements and atmospheric oxidation in a California forest. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2012 ;12:8009-8020.
Bonazzi P, Keutsch FN, Bindi L. Manganoquadratite, AgMnAsS3, a new manganese-bearing sulfosalt from the Uchucchacua polymetallic deposit, Lima Department, Peru: Description and crystal structure. American Mineralogist. 2012 ;97:1199-1205.
Bindi L, Keutsch FN, Bonazzi P. Menchettiite, AgPb2.40Mn1.60Sb3As2S12, a new sulfosalt belonging to the lillianite series from the Uchucchacua polymetallic deposit, Lima Department, Peru. American Mineralogist. 2012 ;97:440-446.
Galloway MM, Digangi JP, Hottle JR, Huisman AJ, Mielke LH, Alaghmand M, Shepson PB, Weremijewicz J, Klavon H, McNeal FM, et al. Observations and modeling of formaldehyde at the PROPHET mixed hardwood forest site in 2008. Atmospheric Environment. 2012 ;49:403-410.
Digangi JP, Henry SB, Kammrath A, Boyle ES, Kaser L, Schnitzhofer R, Graus M, Turnipseed A, Park JH, Weber RJ, et al. Observations of glyoxal and formaldehyde as metrics for the anthropogenic impact on rural photochemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 2012 ;12:9529-9543.
Wolfe GM, Crounse JD, Parrish JD, St Clair JM, Beaver MR, Paulot F, Yoon TP, Wennberg PO, Keutsch FN. Photolysis, OH reactivity and ozone reactivity of a proxy for isoprene-derived hydroperoxyenals (HPALDs). Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2012 ;14:7276-7286.
Henry SB, Kammrath A, Keutsch FN. Quantification of gas-phase glyoxal and methylglyoxal via the Laser-Induced Phosphorescence of (methyl)GLyOxal Spectrometry (LIPGLOS) Method. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2012 ;5:181-192.