Science and Islam: From Discord to Harmony - WISL Seminar

University of Sharjah physics professor Nidhal Guessoum will give a public lecture entitled "SCIENCE AND ISLAM: From Discord to Harmony" on Thursday, April 9 (7:30 p.m. in 1800 Engineering Hall.) For more information please visit: The Science, Religion, and Ethics Program of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy has organized a display of books and articles dealing with this subject. Selected books, including Professor Guessoum's latest book and books about Muslim Nobel Laureates in Chemistry (1999 Ahmed Zewail) and in Physics (1979 Abdus Salam), as well as articles from Science and Nature, are on display in the locked case near the mailboxes on the first floor of the Shain Research Tower. A list that includes the books and articles on display, as well as many others, is also available.

Science & Islam