Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry at UW-Madison offers a graduate student the benefits of a strong and diverse faculty, outstanding facilities for research support, and a program that emphasizes both depth in one's thesis topic and breadth of chemical knowledge and experience.

Students specializing in physical chemistry may also choose to conduct research with faculty members who teach in other paths.

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Physical Chemistry Ph.D. Requirements

Original Research Proposal (RP) Evaluation Form

Thesis Background Oral (TBO) Evaluation Form

Fourth Year Meeting Form


  • Physical chemistry path chair: Professor Silvia Cavagnero
  • Physical chemistry path coordinator (for administrative questions about program requirements, admissions, seminars, room scheduling, etc.): Cheri Stephens

Physical Chemistry Programs

Physical Chemistry Faculty by Research Area


Theoretical Chemistry

Learn about the Theoretical Chemistry Institute.

Gas Phase Spectroscopy and Dynamics

Condensed Phase Structure and Dynamics

Macromolecular and Biophysical Chemistry