Materials Requirements

Ph.D. Requirements: Materials Chemistry

First Year

  • Advisory exams
  • Begin taking required Materials major courses
    • At least three graduate-level courses in materials, preferably including Chemistry of Inorganic Materials (Chem 630-Hamers), Chemistry of Organic Materials (Chem 842-McMahon) and at least one other graduate-level materials course approved by the Materials Chemistry program chair. Substitutions permitted with approval of Materials Chemistry program chair and major adviser.
  • Begin accumulating minor credits
  • Attend Materials Seminars (often jointly hosted with analytical or physical chemistry)
  • Join a research group by Nov. 15 and begin research

Second Year

  • Continue progress in thesis research
  • File Minor Agreement form (Obtain from Chemistry Graduate Office and submit halfway through coursework.)
  • Thesis research proposal and background exam - complete by end of spring semester
    • Includes written proposal and progress report on your own research, 30-minute seminar presentation, and committee examination/defense.
  • Finish required coursework (major and minor credits)
  • Attend materials-related seminars when possible

Third Year

  • Continue research
  • Attend seminars
  • Independent Research Proposal
    • Written NSF-style proposal for research outside of your thesis area. Check topic with adviser and materials chemistry chair before writing.
  • Written proposal, seminar presentation, committee defense.
  • File Request for Preliminary Warrant in order to request dissertator status (Obtain from Graduate Office and submit one month prior to defense.)

Fourth (and subsequent) Year(s)

  • Continue research
  • Attend seminars
  • Write and defend Ph.D. thesis
  • File Ph.D. Final Oral Committee Approval form (Obtain from Graduate Office and submit one month prior to oral exam.)