Career Services

Career fair at Uw-MadisonChemistry Career Services facilitates on- and off-campus recruitment for undergraduate and graduate chemistry students. A variety of industrial chemistry companies work with us each year to identify and recruit talented students. Career Services also provides an avenue for chemistry-related companies to publicize job openings through our online recruitment tool, BuckyNet.

For more information about Chemistry Career Services, please contact Dr. Arrietta Clauss.

For Graduate Students

In addition to providing on-campus interview opportunities and allowing companies an opportunitiy to publish job openings, we also coordinate and publicize on-campus career and job-related skill workshops. View the calendar for upcoming events and on-campus interview opportunities or see the latest job listings.

For Undergraduate Chemistry Majors

We coordinate on-campus interviews for undergraduate chemistry majors and help direct undergraduates to campus career resources. View the calendar for upcoming events and on-campus interview opportunities or see the latest job listings, research/internship opportunities and student hourly positions. 

Campus Career Resources

For more information on career advising, information sessions, interview strategies and career workshops visit College of Letters & Science Career Services

The College of Engineering Career Services website also offers interview questions, resume examples, and information on how to prepare for your job search. 

UW-Madison's BuckyNet connects current students and recent graduates with employers. Through BuckyNet, you can find internships, full-time employment opportunities, learn about prospective employers, and access additional resources such as CareerInsider and GoingGlobal. To access BuckyNet, register using your campus ID and a email. 

If you don’t know what types of jobs to look for, view this career options document to get a better idea of the careers available to chemistry graduates. 

Other Career Resources for Chemists

American Chemical Society (ACS) Career Navigator contains information on career pathways, job fairs, and resume writing. You can also use the site's job search function.

Resources pertaining to employment with the federal government can be found on the L&S Career Services site. Federal government career opportunities for students and recent graduates are available at