Construction Update 06/24/2019 6/24/19
Kinetic trap keeps proteins in working order 6/24/19
Construction Update 06/17/2019 6/17/19
Mukamel wins 2019-2020 Hirschfelder Prize in Theoretical Chemistry 6/12/19
Construction Update 06/03/2019 6/3/19
UW–Madison, chemical society partner to train underrepresented students 5/30/19
Ive Hermans named 2019 Blavatnik National Awards Finalist 5/29/19
Construction Update 05/28/2019 5/28/19
New graduate class helps students improve scientific thinking in organic chemistry 5/28/19
WI Crystal Growing Contest celebrates state-wide winners 5/24/19
UW-Madison faculty, staff return to Vilas Hall months after flooding displaced them 5/23/19
2018-19 Wisconsin Space Crystal Mission 5/21/19
Construction Update 05/20/2019 5/21/19
Chemistry students make rainbow of colors in lab experiment 5/14/19
Kyoung-Shin Choi receives Vilas Faculty Mid-Career Investigator Award 5/9/19
Construction Update 5/6/2019 5/6/19
Blackwell receives WARF Named Professiorship; Schmidt receives Romnes Fellowship 5/2/19
Paul McGuire wins Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research: Critical Support 4/30/19
Construction Update 4/29/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 12/17/2018 4/29/19
Construction Notice 1/2/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 1/7/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 1/14/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 1/22/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 1/28/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 3/11/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 3/18/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 3/25/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 4/1/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 4/8/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 4/22/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 12/03/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 11/19/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 4/15/2019 4/29/19
Construction Update 10/29/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 7/30/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 8/13/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 8/27/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 9/10/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 9/17/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 9/24/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 10/01/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 10/08/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 10/15/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 10/22/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 11/5/2018 4/29/19
Construction Update 11/12/2018 4/29/19
Department of Chemistry awards more than $290,000 in scholarships 4/29/19
Notice: Chemistry loading dock inaccessible Apr 25-28 4/22/19
Update 4/22/2019 4/22/19
Update 4/15/2019 4/22/19
Update 4/8/2019 4/22/19
Update 4/1/2019 4/22/19
Update 3/25/2019 4/22/19
Update 3/18/2019 4/22/19
Update 9/24/2018 4/22/19
Update 7/30/2018 4/22/19
Update 8/13/2018 4/22/19
Update 8/27/2018 4/22/19
Update 9/10/2018 4/22/19
Update 9/17/2018 4/22/19
Update 11/12/2018 4/22/19
Update 11/19/2018 4/22/19
Update 12/03/2018 4/22/19
Update 12/17/2018 4/22/19
Notice 1/2/2019 4/22/19
Update 1/7/2019 4/22/19
Update 1/14/2019 4/22/19
Update 1/22/2019 4/22/19
Update 1/28/2019 4/22/19
Update 3/11/2019 4/22/19
Update 11/5/2018 4/22/19
Update 10/22/2018 4/22/19
Update 10/29/2018 4/22/19
UPDATE 07/30/2018 4/22/19
UPDATE 08/13/2018 4/22/19
UPDATE 08/27/2018 4/22/19
UPDATE 09/10/2018 4/22/19
UPDATE 09/17/2018 4/22/19
UPDATE 09/24/2018 4/22/19
Update 10/01/2018 4/22/19
Update 10/08/2018 4/22/19
Update 10/15/2018 4/22/19
Novel approach promises ready access to hard-to-study proteins 4/16/19
Celebrate Day of the Badger 4/4/19
Master glassblower’s work on exhibit at Madison Children’s Museum 3/14/19
Light provides control for 3D printing with multiple materials 3/12/19
Professors recognized by American Chemical Society 2/14/19
Chemistry instructor finds ‘dream job’ helping students persevere 2/13/19
Ediger wins a 2019 Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award 1/24/19
Chemists get Crafty at Knit Night 1/18/19
Wisconsin Crystal Growing Competition Registration – Now Open 1/15/19
Life in the Lab of a Laureate: What it Was Like Working with Frances Arnold 12/20/18
A Creative Group Recruitment Tradition 12/20/18
Senior Lecturer Paul Hooker Receives James W. Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award 12/19/18
Boydston featured in L&S faculty focus 12/18/18
Biochemistry Emeritus Professor Laurens Anderson Remembered as Renowned Carbohydrate Chemist, Mentor 12/6/18
Where the ocean meets the sky, chemists look for clues to our climate 12/3/18
Thank you, Professor – Students remember favorite professors 11/26/18
Succulents for Science 11/20/18
Modified Organic Compound Yields Cheaper Fuel Cells 10/29/18
Researchers discover new platinum-alternative fuel cell catalyst 10/29/18
Bottling the sun: UW researchers combine solar cell, battery to store energy in liquid 10/9/18
Addressing our biggest challenges — and mysteries — at the Wisconsin Science Festival 10/3/18
New fuel cell concept brings biological design to better electricity generation 10/3/18
Chemistry Conversations program explores Leadership in Daily Life 10/2/18
Researchers find value in unusual type of plant material 9/28/18
Solar cell, married to liquid battery, achieves record efficiency 9/28/18
Annual GSFLC Snout Out boasts food and fun 9/26/18
Joshua Coon Receives Award from Human Proteome Organization 9/25/18
Goldsmith group makes molecular movies, featured on Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation video website. 9/25/18
The ACS 2019 national award winner list includes four from UW-Madison’s Department of Chemistry 9/25/18
NSF awards UW $3 million to advance quantum physics, technology 9/24/18
Get to Know Organometallics Distinguished Author Award Winner Tianning Diao 9/18/18
Construction begins on $133 million revamp of Chemistry Building 9/18/18
Students, Postdoc Place Third in Life Sciences Consultancy Competition 9/11/18
AJ Boydston, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Yamamoto Family Professor of Chemistry 8/15/18
Get to Know Oganometallics Distinguished Author Award Winner Tianning Diao 8/14/18
Jennifer Sowin 7/17/18
Nicholas M. Riley 7/11/18
Wenqi Shen 7/11/18
Dr. F. Fleming Crim, Chief Operating Officer, National Science Foundation (NSF) 7/1/18
National Science Foundation Selects University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor F. Fleming Crim to Head Mathematical & Physical Sciences Directorate 7/1/18
‘Science in Motion’ takes chemistry on the road across Wisconsin 6/15/18
Yongqian Zhang 6/13/18
Tess Carlson 6/12/18
Zachary Wickens, Assistant Professor 6/1/18
Joey Corstvet 6/1/18
Brian Ferrer 6/1/18
Eleanor Landwehr 6/1/18
Buller lab receives Morgridge metabolism fellowship 5/22/18
Matthew Shoulders (Ph.D. 2009) wins Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award 5/22/18
Young Scientists and Artists Compete to Send Crystals into Space 5/22/18
Honorary Degree Recipient, Dr. David Fahey, will present at UW-Madison 5/9/18
Nick Hill, director of Undergraduate Organic Laboratory wins mid-career award from L&S 5/1/18
GSFLC Recognizes Three Outstanding Mentors within the Chemistry Department 4/29/18
Department of Chemistry awards more than $230,000 in scholarships to students 4/27/18
Graduate Student Faculty Liaison Committee presents results of climate survey 4/27/18
Peter Rossky is 2018-19 Hirschfelder Prize Recipient 4/17/18
Chemistry major Soren Rozema receives UW-Madison’s 2018 Goldwater honorable mention 4/17/18
Undergraduate Symposium shows value of mentorship 4/12/18
Two Department of Chemistry Grad Students named winners in 2018 Cool Science Image Contest 4/12/18
GSFLC hosts Careers and Commitments panel discussion for Department of Chemistry Grad Students 4/6/18
Winner of 2017 Crystal Growing Competition featured in Channel 3000 news story 4/6/18
Five Department of Chemistry Students Receive NSF Fellowships 4/5/18
$220 million building boom on UW-Madison campus will modernize chemistry and agriculture facilities 4/5/18
Dr. Catherine Jackson and Tracy Drier talk about the history of chemistry and scientific glassblowing. 4/4/18
Science Expeditions welcomes public to campus April 6–8 4/2/18
Confronting sexual harassment in chemistry 4/2/18
Esselman and Hill receive 2016-17 Taylor Teaching Awards 3/31/18
UW-Madison graduate programs ranked high by U.S. News 3/19/18
Thomas Brunold, professor of chemistry, wins Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award 3/15/18
Two UW-Madison Department of Chemistry faculty members recognized with fellowships stemming from campus research efforts 3/15/18
New, more specific classification system for proteins may help advance scientific discovery 3/8/18
Fahey, Chazen, Thomas-Greenfield to receive honorary degrees 3/8/18
Former UW-Madison Chancellor Irving Shain dies at 92 3/8/18
Family tree traces the history of UW’s chemistry department 1/30/18
Department of Chemistry Graduate Student wins Three-Minute Thesis Contest at UW-Madison 12/10/17
Five UW-Madison Professors Named AAAS Fellows 11/27/17
Molecular Magnetism Packs Power with “Messenger Electron” 11/14/17
New Faculty Focus: Daniel Weix 11/1/17
Robert Bergman PhD’66 10/19/17
New Technique Could Slash Energy Use in Making Silicon 10/16/17
Abraham Nitzan is 2017-18 Hirschfelder Prize Recipient 9/28/17
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Wins Science Education Award 9/18/17
Robert Bergman Receives Highest UW Alumni Honor 9/18/17
Theoretical Chemists Unlock One of Water's Mysteries 8/31/17
Summer Research Snapshot: Graduate Student Steven Chapman 8/25/17
Summer Research Snapshot: Graduate Student Taylor Evans 8/18/17
Summer Research Snapshot: Graduate Student Kevin Garcia 8/11/17
Summer Research Snapshot: Graduate Student Leslie Rank 8/4/17
Alumna Michelle Buchanan Named Deputy for Science and Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 7/28/17
Professor Builds Bridges between Disciplines, Professions, and Continents 7/28/17
In words and glass, collaboration unlocks birth of modern chemistry 7/28/17
Professor Ned Sibert Named American Chemical Society Fellow 7/11/17
Professor Judith Burstyn Assumes Department Chair Role 7/3/17
Alumnus Yeng Her Becomes First Hmong-American to Earn M.D./Ph.D. 6/30/17
Alumnus Mark Lukowski Honored with 3M Technical Employee Award 6/26/17
Alumni Carol Mohler and Ted Stokich Honored for Innovation and Teamwork at Dow 6/20/17
Analytical Chemistry Teaching Laboratories Make the Move to Medical Sciences Center 6/16/17
Professor Ive Hermans Named Vilas Mid-Career Investigator 6/7/17
Professor Martin Zanni Will Receive Coblentz Society's Craver Award 5/25/17
Study Sheds Light on Function of Protein Associated with High-Risk Breast Cancers 5/25/17
UW-Madison Spinoff Highlighted as Innovation Success Story in National Report 5/25/17
Professor Randall Goldsmith Honored for Early-career Teaching and Research 5/18/17
100+ Students Honored at 2017 Student Awards Ceremony 5/2/17
Professor Daniel Weix Joins the Department in Summer 2017 5/2/17
Chemistry Graduate Students Take Top Honors at WARF Discovery Challenge 4/18/17
UW2020 Funding Awarded to Two Chemistry Research and Infrastructure Projects 4/18/17
Six Staff Members Receive College of Letters & Science Awards 4/18/17
Zachary Wickens Will Join Department as Assistant Professor in 2018 4/17/17
28 Chemistry-affiliated Students Will Participate in 2017 Undergraduate Symposium 4/13/17
Five Chemistry Graduate Students Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships 4/6/17
Nanoscale Flowers Garner Cool Science Image Award 4/6/17
Chemistry Major Lucas Oxtoby Earns Goldwater Scholarship 4/6/17
Enzyme Structures Illuminate Mechanism Behind Bacteria’s Bioremediation Prowess 3/27/17
March 17 Taylor Teaching Award Symposium Honors Department Instructors 3/16/17
Professors Cathy Middlecamp and J.R. Schmidt Earn Distinguished Teaching Awards 3/16/17
Professor John Berry Named 2017 Romnes Faculty Fellow 3/15/17
Andrew Buller to Join Department of Chemistry as Assistant Professor 3/10/17
Professor James Weisshaar Appointed to WARF Named Professorship 3/9/17
Professor Silvia Cavagnero Honored for Undergraduate Mentorship 3/3/17
Dr. Brian Esselman Honored for Technology-enhanced Instruction 2/22/17
Howard W. Whitlock (1936-2017) 2/21/17
Journal of Physical Chemistry ‘C’ Lectureship Awarded to Professor Randall Goldsmith 2/21/17
High School and Middle School Students Crystallize Science 2/3/17
National Academy of Inventors and American Peptide Society Honor Professor Ronald Raines 1/19/17
Tracy Drier Receives Local American Chemical Society Outreach Award 1/11/17
Alumnus Robert Bergman Earns 2017 Wolf Prize in Chemistry 1/10/17
State Building Commission Grants Approval for Construction of Chemistry Building Project to Proceed 12/14/16
Novel Catalysts Improve Path to More Sustainable Plastics Production 12/2/16
Freshman Dahlia Tesfamichael Reflects on Becoming a Badger 11/11/16
Chemical & Engineering News Recognizes Professors’ Startup Company 10/31/16
Scientific Glassblowing Lights Up Intersection of Art, History, Science 10/20/16
Beyond Genes: Protein Atlas Scores Nitrogen Fixing Duet 10/18/16
Chemistry in the Spotlight at the Wisconsin Science Festival 10/13/16
UW Getting Electron Beam Lithography System for Nanotechnology Research 10/13/16
New Art Exhibition Features Blackwell Patent 10/5/16
Yeast Knockouts Peel Back Secrets of Cell Protein Function 9/26/16
Invention Merges Solar with Liquid Battery 9/22/16
Alumna Megan Frisk Joins 2016-17 Class of AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows 9/9/16
Method Expedites Path to Useful Molecules for Medicine 9/1/16
Andrew McCammon is 2016-17 Hirschfelder Prize Recipient 8/31/16
Irving Shain Chair in Chemistry Propels Department Leadership 8/30/16
Symmetry Crucial for Building Key Biomaterial Collagen in the Lab 8/30/16
UW-Madison Places Highly in Worldwide Ranking of Universities 8/15/16
Four New American Chemical Society Fellows Boast Wisconsin Ties 7/26/16
New UW-Madison Center Offers Ultra-speed Protein Analysis 7/25/16
Professor John Berry Appointed Lester R. McNall Professor of Chemistry 7/11/16
Industrial Trade Association Honors Alumnus Kiu-Yuen Tse 7/6/16
Fundamental Discovery Slashes Energy Cost of Chemical Reactions 6/27/16
Professor Shannon Stahl Recognized for Contributions to Catalysis Science 6/23/16
Weibel Group Research May Point to New Ways to Deliver Drugs into Bacteria 6/16/16
Small-scale Science Leads to Large-scale Collaboration 6/13/16
Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Gains New Instruments 6/13/16
Crystal Growing Contest Gives Middle, High School Students a Peek Inside UW-Madison Chemistry Department 5/27/16
Berry, Kiessling Among Vilas Honored Professors 5/23/16
Block, Zernicke Among 2016 L&S Staff Awardees 5/13/16
Clarity of Vision: Chemistry’s Glass Whisperer 5/5/16
80+ Students Honored at 2016 Student Awards Ceremony 5/2/16
Professor Timothy Bertram to Receive Promotion and Tenure 4/29/16
Madison-made Electrolyte Going Big at Global Battery Manufacturer 4/29/16
Tracy Drier Honored with Academic Staff Excellence Award 4/26/16
20 Chemistry Students Will Present at Undergraduate Symposium 4/12/16
Three Chemistry Faculty Involved in Proposals Selected for UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative 4/7/16
Professor Etienne Garand Selected for 2016 ASMS Research Award 4/5/16
Hamers Named 2016 Langmuir Lecturer 4/5/16
Graduate Students Receive NSF, NIH Fellowships 4/5/16
Making Molecules Comfy: Ultimate Challenge for Professor Mark Ediger 4/4/16
Professor J.R. Schmidt Receives Journal of Physical Chemistry ‘C’ Lectureship Award 3/14/16
Professor Laura Kiessling Earns 2016 Gibbs Award 3/14/16
Professor Etienne Garand Awarded Sloan Research Fellowship 3/2/16
Tracy Drier Wins 2016 Chancellor's Hilldale Award for Excellence in Research for Critical Support 3/2/16
Lithium Battery Component Found to Harm Key Soil Microorganism 2/19/16
Professor Laura Kiessling Receives 2016 Hilldale Award in the Physical Sciences 2/8/16
Professor Randy Goldsmith Earns Benjamin Smith Reynolds Award 2/2/16
Professor Qiang Cui Receives Kellett Mid-Career Award 1/28/16
Professor Ying Ge Named 2016 Georges Guiochon Faculty Fellow 1/19/16
Professor John Moore Wins Van Hise Outreach Teaching Award 1/14/16
Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi Named Vilas Associate 1/8/16
Alumnus Bradley Ringeisen Honored for Department of Defense Bioprinting Efforts 12/21/15
Alumnus Lee Latimer Named to ACS Board of Directors 12/8/15
Bowman, Block, TAs Receive Teaching Awards 11/24/15
Reaching Out Across the Airwaves 11/23/15
Big Things Start Small 11/20/15
Interdisciplinary Team Grows Functional Vocal Cord Tissue in the Lab 11/19/15
Ilia Guzei featured in Wisconsin State Journal's Blue Sky Science 11/10/15
Former UW-Madison Chemistry Professor Edward King Dies 11/10/15
Big Ten Network Highlights UW Professors for Solar Textile Research 11/5/15
National Academy of Engineering Recognizes Chemistry Honorary Fellow Dr. Bill Banholzer 10/20/15
Mother-of-pearl’s Genesis Identified in Mineral’s Transformation 10/20/15
WARF Innovation Award Goes to Choi Group Biomass/Solar Energy Discovery 10/13/15
Unplanned Power Outage Sunday, Oct. 4 from 1-2:40 p.m. 10/4/15
Wisconsin Science Festival Coming Oct. 22-25 10/1/15
Tickets Available Oct. 1 for Professor Shakhashiri’s Holiday Science Show 9/30/15
UW-Madison to Host UW System Chemistry Faculties Meeting 9/15/15
Professor Tehshik Yoon Named Teva Scholar 9/14/15
Discovery of a Highly Efficient Catalyst Eases Way to Hydrogen Economy 9/14/15
Chemistry Building Project Featured in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9/3/15
Three UW-Madison Professors Garner American Chemical Society Honors 9/1/15
Sustainable Nanotechnology Center Lands New $20 Million Contract 8/31/15
Chemistry Joins Project to Transform Large Lecture Courses 8/20/15
Solar Textile Collaboration Weaves Chemistry and Design 8/3/15
Chemistry Building Project Approved in State Capital Budget 7/20/15
Two Alumni Among 2015 ACS Fellows 7/20/15
Molecular Fuel Cell Catalysts Hold Promise for Efficient Energy Storage 7/15/15
Cancer Discovery Links Experimental Vaccine and Biological Treatment 7/13/15
Alumnus Luke Lavis Makes C&EN 'Talented 12' 7/6/15
Protein Suggests a New Strategy to Thwart Infection 7/6/15
Alumnae Cathy Murphy, Helen Yan Garner National Recognition 6/25/15
Bertram and Colleagues Turn to the Ocean to Help Unravel the Mysteries of Cloud Formation 6/9/15
Navigating Multiple Myeloma with ‘Google Maps’ for the Cancer Genome 6/8/15
High School Students Visit Campus for Wisconsin Crystal-Growing Competition Awards Ceremony 5/22/15
L&S Honors Three Chemistry Faculty and Staff 5/12/15
Professor Shakhashiri's Free Summer Forum Open to Campus and Community 5/7/15
Chemistry Students Receive Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowships 5/7/15
70+ Students Honored at 2015 Student Awards Ceremony 5/5/15
Five Chemistry Faculty to Be Promoted 4/27/15
Berry Group Characterizes New Oxidation State for Sulfur 4/21/15
Better Battery Imaging Paves Way for Renewable Energy Future 4/20/15
Peter Dervan to Receive UW-Madison Honorary Degree in May 4/16/15
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Discusses the Wisconsin Idea on WPR 4/16/15
Sohil Shah, Meghan Turner Named Goldwater Scholars 4/16/15
14 Chemistry Researchers to Present at Undergraduate Symposium 4/15/15
Lynn Group's New Materials Could Better Clean Up Oil Spills 4/15/15
Romnes Award Supports New Research Areas in Yoon, Gopalan Groups 4/15/15
Solution-grown Nanowires Make the Best Lasers 4/14/15
Six Chemistry Students Named 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellows 4/6/15
Fueling Discovery in the College of Letters & Science 3/26/15
Discovery Could Yield More Efficient Portable Electronics, Solar Cells 3/23/15
Graduate Student Kevin Heylman to Attend Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 3/16/15
Professor James Skinner Receives UW-Madison Hilldale Award 3/12/15
One Lab, Three Takes on Mentoring 3/12/15
Choi Group Develops New Approach That Combines Biomass Conversion, Solar Energy Conversion 3/10/15
Professor Shannon Stahl Earns Kellett Mid-Career Award 3/10/15
Yoon, Gopalan Named Romnes Faculty Fellows 3/5/15
Professor Randall Goldsmith Receives Alzheimer's Association Research Award 2/10/15
2013 Research Expenditure Data Show UW-Madison Ranks Fourth 2/6/15
Carl Djerassi, UW Grad Who Helped Create ‘The Pill,’ Dies at 91 2/2/15
Department Hosts First Wisconsin Regional Middle School Science Bowl 1/29/15
Alumna Veronica Berns Turns Chemistry Thesis Into Comic Book 1/28/15
Watch Professor Bassam Shakhashiri's 45th Annual Holiday Lecture 1/22/15
Carbon Nanotube Finding Could Lead to Flexible Electronics with Longer Battery Life 1/14/15
Chemical Dial Controls Attraction between Water-repelling Molecules 1/14/15
SEED Grant Boosts Battery Research with Potential for Commercial Application 1/8/15
Graduate Students Li, Dolinar, Kreitler Win Conference Awards 1/6/15
College of Letters & Science Honors Matthew Martin, Cecilia Stodd 12/17/14
Chemistry Building Project Design Work Begins 12/2/14
Save Power, Make Power: Professor Trisha Andrew Confronts Ambitious Research Agenda with a Laugh 11/25/14
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Recognizes Professor Tehshik Yoon 11/19/14
Scientists Get to the Heart of Fool's Gold as a Solar Material 11/18/14
Assistant Professor Timothy Bertram to Join Department of Chemistry 11/5/14
New Process Transforms Wood, Crop Waste into Valuable Chemicals 11/3/14
Professor Shannon Stahl Honored for Green Chemistry Research 10/20/14
Professor Trisha Andrew Named Packard Fellow 10/16/14
Wisconsin Science Festival to Celebrate Scientific Discovery, Community 10/14/14
Professor Ive Hermans and Collaborators Expand Research into Bioproducts 10/13/14
Professor Mark Ediger to Receive Polymer Physics Prize 10/2/14
Sigma-Aldrich Employees Partner with SCIENCountErs Program 9/24/14
Researchers Study Vital 'On/Off Switches' that Control when Bacteria Turn Deadly 9/18/14
Chemistry Students Merit University, ACS, Industry Honors 9/9/14
Professor Cathy Middlecamp, Alumnus Larry Overman to Receive ACS National Awards 9/9/14
In Directing Stem Cells, Study Shows Context Matters 9/9/14
Institute for Chemical Education Celebrates 30 Years of Chemistry Camps 9/5/14
Professor Ive Hermans Recognized for Energy Research 8/18/14
UW-Madison, UW System Honor Professor Robert Hamers 8/15/14
Three Alumni Named 2014 ACS Fellows 7/22/14
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Offers Traditional July Fourth Science is Fun Show 7/1/14
Chemistry Majors Caldwell, Dinh Excel as Students and as Athletes 6/23/14
Wisconsin Crystal-Growing Competition Nets 76 Submissions from Across the State 6/20/14
Gellman Group's Chemical Strategy Hints at Better Drugs for Osteoporosis, Diabetes 6/16/14
Wisconsin Life Television Show Features Master Glassblower Tracy Drier 6/5/14
Mobile Sustainability Game Helps Students Take Environmental Action 6/3/14
Professor Daniel Fredrickson Awarded ACS ExxonMobil Solid State Chemistry Faculty Fellowship 5/26/14
Professor Song Jin Wins ACS Inorganic Nanoscience Award 5/20/14
Professor Robert Bergman (Ph.D. ’66) Wins Welch Award 5/16/14
Professor Claude Woods Recognized for Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring 5/9/14
University Housing Recognizes Chemistry Teachers with Honored Instructor Awards 5/7/14
75 Students Recognized at 2014 Chemistry Student Award Ceremony 5/7/14
Professor Lingjun Li Wins Prestigious Biemann Medal 5/5/14
Professor J.R. Schmidt Receives Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award 5/2/14
Professor Douglas Weibel Receives Distinguished Teaching Award 5/1/14
Chemistry Graduate Students Receive NSF, NIH, ACS and Industry Awards 5/1/14
Professor Samuel Gellman Elected to National Academy of Sciences 4/29/14
Wielding Visible Light to Build Molecules 4/24/14
Chemistry’s Sue Martin-Zernicke Wins CERA Award 4/24/14
Chemistry Graduate Students Recognized at National Conferences 4/21/14
Professors Joshua Coon and David Lynn Receive Romnes Faculty Fellowships 4/18/14
Dr. Cheri Barta Rossi Wins College of Letters & Science Early-Career Award 4/14/14
Academic Staff Excellence Award Recognizes Executive Director Matt Sanders' Leadership 4/10/14
Chemistry Major Tong Wang Wins Goldwater Scholarship 4/10/14
Chemistry Graduate Students' Cool Science Images Garner Recognition 3/31/14
Professor Frank Keutsch Receives Vilas Mid-Career Investigator Award 3/28/14
May 17 Celebration Symposium Honors Professor Hans Reich 3/20/14
Chemistry Graduate Program Ranked Highly by U.S. News & World Report 3/19/14
Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi Named Associate Editor for Chemistry of Materials 3/17/14
Professor Qiang Cui Wins Vilas Associate Fellowship 3/10/14
Simulations in the Classroom—Computational Chemistry Makes a Lasting Impression 3/5/14
Chemistry Instrument Center Gives Students State-of-the-Art Access, Training, and Research Support 2/27/14
Choi Group's New, Inexpensive Production Materials Boost Promise of Hydrogen Fuel 2/24/14
Chemistry Honorary Fellow Dr. Bill Banholzer Receives ACS National Award 2/11/14
Professors' Spinoff Battery Company Gains Traction 2/7/14
Prolific Chemistry Major Joshua Shutter Wins Churchill Scholarship 2/5/14
April Leslie Receives L&S Classified Staff Excellence Award 12/17/13
University Housing Recognizes Outstanding Chemistry Teachers with Honored Instructor Awards 12/16/13
Professor Jennifer Schomaker Receives 2014 Rising Star Award 12/4/13
UW-Madison Inches Up in Research Rankings 12/2/13
Professor Tehshik Yoon Named AAAS Fellow 11/26/13
Recognizing and Sustaining What’s Wonderful About Wisconsin 11/14/13
New Look Identifies Crucial Clumping of Diabetes-Causing Proteins 11/12/13
Symposium Will Honor 2013 James Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award-Winner Tony Jacob, 2013 Teaching Assistant Award-Winners 11/4/13
Tickets Available for Professor Bassam Shakhashiri's Christmas Chemistry Shows 10/24/13
Professor Laura Kiessling Awarded Hofmann Medal at Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Symposium 10/21/13
Blackwell Group's Infection Disrupter Garners WARF Innovation Award 10/18/13
Professors Samuel Gellman and Laura Kiessling Win National American Chemical Society Awards 10/14/13
Professor Doug Weibel Looks to Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Help on Path to Commercialization 10/10/13
Opportunities Abound: CHOPs and PGSEC Programs Expose Undergraduates to Graduate School Life 10/9/13
The Chemistry of Color: Andrew Group Develops Dye-Based Solar Cells 10/4/13
Anxiety Among Few Certainties in Federal Shutdown 10/3/13
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Named ‘Friend of Education’ 9/30/13
Curiosity Unleashed—Chemistry at the Wisconsin Science Festival 9/20/13
Berry Group Captures Speedy Chemical Reaction in Mid-Stride 9/13/13
Festschrift, Symposium Honor Professor John Wright’s Lifetime of Scientific Contributions 9/13/13
3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award Recognizes Professor Trisha Andrew’s Solar Cell Research 9/11/13
UW–Madison Remains Strong in 2014 U.S. News Rankings 9/10/13
Professor Samuel Gellman Receives 2013 Makineni Lectureship from APS 9/9/13
Professor Thomas Brunold Places 13th Overall at Ironman Wisconsin 9/9/13
Alumnus Carl Djerassi to Be Honored at ACS National Meeting 8/14/13
UW-Madison Makes Top Universities Lists 8/6/13
Professor Jennifer Schomaker Receives NSF CAREER Award for Catalysis Research 8/6/13
Lecturer Emerita Ieva Reich, Three Alumni Named ACS Fellows 8/2/13
ChemCamps Spark Youngsters’ Interest in Science 7/30/13
Associate Professor Ive Hermans to Join Department of Chemistry 7/18/13
Delving into a Climate Puzzle with the Push of a Button 7/10/13
Jin Group's New Catalyst Could Cut Cost of Making Hydrogen Fuel 7/2/13
Q&A with Incoming Department Chair, Professor Robert McMahon 7/1/13
Diamond Catalyst Shows Promise in Breaching Age-Old Barrier 7/1/13
ILM Funding Will Help Advance Undergraduate Exposure to Computational Chemistry, Update Lab Equipment 6/28/13
"Science is Fun" Offers Two Science Shows in July 6/27/13
Professor Randall Goldsmith Named Shaw Scientist 5/24/13
Professor David Lynn Awarded New Young Investigator Award 5/24/13
Professor Etienne Garand Selected for Early Career Research Award 5/24/13
Q&A with Professor Tehshik Yoon: Engaging Students Through Social Media 5/22/13
Professor Helen Blackwell and Colleagues Find New Compounds to Curb Staph Infection 5/22/13
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Calls Attention to Worldwide Water Systems 5/20/13
Chemistry Project Awarded Educational Innovation Funding 5/14/13
Hilldale and Holstrom Awards Support Summer Research Projects for 10 Chemistry Majors 5/3/13
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Receives Prestigious Award for Public Education 5/3/13
70 Chemistry Undergraduate and Graduate Students Recognized at 2013 Student Award Ceremony 4/30/13
Professor Ron Raines Honored with Jeremy Knowles Award 4/29/13
Executive Director Matt Sanders Receives L&S Judith Craig Distinguished Service Award 4/29/13
Professor Pupa Gilbert and Colleagues Resolve an Old Puzzle About Structure of Vaterite 4/25/13
Professor Shannon Stahl and Colleagues Develop New ‘Green’ Method to Help Upgrade Biomass Waste Into Chemicals 4/23/13
15 Undergraduate Chemistry Majors Selected for April 18 Undergraduate Symposium 4/18/13
April 17 is UWRightNow 4/17/13
Upcoming Sabbatical Will Allow Professor Ned Sibert to Focus on Educational Innovation 4/16/13
Two Undergraduate Chemistry Majors Receive Goldwater Scholarships 4/11/13
Ilia Guzei Receives Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research 4/11/13
Staff Members Betty Harwood and Chad Wilkinson Win College of Letters & Science Awards 4/9/13
12 Chemistry Students Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships 4/5/13
Graduate Student Audrey Forticaux Wins 2013 UW-Madison Cool Science Image 4/3/13
Design Phase of Chemistry Building Project Approved 3/27/13
Professor Randall Goldsmith Receives NSF CAREER Award for Single-Molecule Research 3/26/13
Howard Zimmerman: A Defining Influence on Organic Chemistry 3/21/13
Two Chemistry Faculty Members Selected for Distinguished Teaching Awards 3/12/13
Chemistry and Other L&S Graduate Programs Ranked Highly by U.S. News & World Report 3/12/13
A Novel Nobel Opportunity: Four Selected to Attend 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Chemistry 3/5/13
Chemistry Staff Help Uncover the Lost History of UW’s 19th-Century Glass Treasures 3/5/13
Analytical Trick May Accelerate Cancer Diagnosis 2/25/13
Professor Schomaker Wins Sloan Research Foundation Fellowship 2/19/13
Professors Jin and Keutsch Receive UW-Madison Research Awards 2/14/13
Professors Sibert and Yoon Win Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Awards 2/8/13
Chemistry Staff Collaborate with Zoological Museum on Conservation Photography Exhibit 2/7/13
Professor Pupa Gilbert Wins Science Image Challenge 2/1/13
Undergraduate Chemistry Scholarship Applications Due Feb. 28 1/18/13
Colloquium with Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Will Address Recommendations from ACS Report on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences 1/16/13
Computer Simulations Confirm Ediger Lab's Speculations About Molecular Structure of Ultrastable Glasses 1/7/13
ACS Releases Report on Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences 12/21/12
Professor Trisha Andrew Honored for Energy Research 12/19/12
Professor Song Jin Wins Cutting-Edge Research Award for Work on Solar Cells 12/19/12
Professor Laura Kiessling Wins 2013 Murray Goodman Memorial Prize 12/3/12
Professor Joshua Coon and Colleagues Create Road Map to Metabolic Reprogramming for Aging 11/29/12
High School Student and Chemistry Researcher Sohil Shah Named a Finalist in Math, Science, and Technology Competition 11/27/12
Analytical Tool is Focus of Spinoff Firm 11/20/12
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Delivers Christmas ‘Science is Fun’ Lectures 11/8/12
Carbon Playground Converts Atoms into Fun 11/5/12
Alumnus Carl Djerassi Will Present a Reading of “Insufficiency” on Oct. 26 10/18/12
Professor Robert Hamers Will Direct New Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology 10/15/12
Professor Laura Kiessling Wins ACS Claude S. Hudson Award 10/15/12
Chemistry Opportunities (CHOPs) to Welcome Select Prospective Graduate Students to Madison Oct. 11-13 10/10/12
Keutsch Group Participates in Zeppelin-based Field Campaign in Europe 10/9/12
New Q&A with Professor Trisha Andrew 10/8/12
Professor Hamers and Colleagues Named Finalists in Inaugural WARF Innovation Awards 10/4/12
Dr. Michele Parrinello to Present Three Hirschfelder Lectures, Oct. 1-3 10/1/12
NSF Taps Professor Fleming Crim to Lead Math and Physical Sciences Directorate 9/25/12
Professor Mahesh Mahanthappa Wins American Physical Society Dillon Medal 9/24/12
Share the Wonderful 9/19/12
Department to Host MUACC Sept. 27-29 9/17/12
Q&A with New Professor Etienne Garand 9/14/12
Professor Thomas Brunold Finishes First Among Amateurs in Ironman Wisconsin 9/11/12
Professor Helen Blackwell and Colleagues Identify Chemicals That Interrupt A. baumannii Quorum Sensing 9/4/12
Chemistry Building Project Approved by UW System Board of Regents 9/4/12
UW-Madison Ranks 19th Among World Universities 9/4/12
Science is Fun Extravaganza at Wisconsin Science Festival 9/4/12
Martha Casey, Professor Clark Landis, and Professor Jim Skinner Named ACS Fellows 8/6/12
Tracy Drier Receives 2012 Helmut Dreschel Award 6/25/12
Legendary Lecturer Ieva Reich to Retire 5/29/12
Rosana Pérez-Ellmann Wins Classified Employee Recognition Award 5/29/12
Professor Josh Coon Wins Klaus Biemann Medal 5/29/12
Snout Out Scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 8 at Rennebohm Park 5/29/12
Science is Fun Summer Extravaganza 5/29/12
Honored Instructor by Students Living in University Housing 5/14/12
Undergraduate Poster Session Award Winners 5/14/12
Jim Skinner Elected to the National Academy 5/7/12
National Academy of Sciences Members and Foreign Associates Elected 5/1/12
New Financial Specialist Paul Benedict 4/30/12
Outstanding Chemistry TA Awards! 4/30/12
Jeannine Szczech and Cheri Barta Have Been Selected as Honored Instructors 4/30/12
Taylor Outstanding Chemistry Teaching Award to Jeanne Hamers! 4/30/12
Chemistry Scholarships and Awards Ceremony 4/23/12
GSFLC Poster Session Winners 4/16/12
John Berry Recommended for Tenure 4/16/12
Tracy Drier and Jim Maynard Win L&S Mid-Career Awards 4/9/12
2012 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Recipients 4/9/12
ACS - 2012 ACS National Award Ceremony 243rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition 4/9/12
Kristi Heming Receives Partners in Giving Governor's Award 3/26/12
Chemistry Department Spring Poster Session 3/19/12
Professor Michele Parrinello Wins 2012 Hirschfelder Prize 3/19/12
Keutsch & Mahanthappa Recommended for Promotion with Tenure 3/5/12
Song Jin & Thomas Brunold Win Vilas Awards 3/5/12
JR Schmidt Named an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow 2/20/12
Howard Zimmerman Memorial Fund Information 2/20/12
Emeritus Professor Howard Zimmerman Dies at 85 2/13/12
Professor Mark Ediger Awarded a WARF Professorship 2/13/12
Some Sad News - Richard Ferdinand "Dick" Fenske Has Died 12/19/11
University of Wisconsin Professor Bassam Shakhashiri Becomes President of World's Largest Scientific Society 12/19/11
Brian Esselman Wins 2011 Campus-Wide Teaching Award 12/19/11
Linda Zelewski Recognized as an Honored Instructor 12/19/11
Professor Helen Blackwell Wins Romnes Award 12/19/11
Complete List of Chemistry Recipients of Honored Instructors Awards 12/19/11
Rosana Pérez-Ellmann; Kat Myhre; Ed Vasiukevicius Win L&S Classified Awards 12/5/11
Professor Kyoung-Shin Choi Joining UW Chemistry In Fall of 2012 10/10/11
Danny Fredrickson Wins Presidential Early Career Award 10/3/11
Professors Reich - Skinner - Hamers Win ACS Awards 9/6/11
Bob McMahon & Tom Farrar Named Fellows of the ACS 8/22/11
Professor Lian Yu Receives 2011 David Grant Award in Physical Pharmacy 7/25/11
WISL's Professor Bassam Shakhashiri & Dr. Rodney Schreiner Present The Science of Fireworks 6/27/11
2001 Chemistry PhD Student Nick Condon on Jeopardy! 6/13/11
Jeanne Hamers Inducted as a Teaching Fellow 6/13/11
Jeanne Hamers & Pam Doolittle Write Successful Lab Equipment Proposals 6/13/11
Samira Musah Wins Why File Contest 5/17/11
Chemistry Undergraduate Poster Session 5/2/11
Congratulations to Poster Session Award Winners! 5/2/11
Lu Wang Wins PChem Poster Award at ACS 5/2/11
Partners in Giving - Special Events Award 4/18/11
Mary Beth Anzovino is a Letters & Science Teaching Fellow 4/18/11
Shakhashiri Book Series Explores Chemistry's Panache 4/11/11
Congratulations to New NSF Fellows 4/11/11
2011 Undergraduate Symposium - Tuesday, April 12th 4/4/11
2011 Taylor Excellence in Teaching Symposium 4/4/11
Desiree Bates Hired as New Computational Chemistry Leader 3/28/11
Marty Zanni Receives the 2011 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences 3/21/11
Outstanding Chemistry TA Awards Winners 3/21/11
Daan Frenkel Wins Joseph Hirschfelder Prize 3/21/11
Annual Spring Graduate Poster Session 3/21/11
Charlie Fry Wins the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research: Critical Research Support 3/7/11
Laura Kiessling & Allen Clauss Win the James Taylor Excellence in Teaching Awards 3/7/11
Josh Coon Receives The 2011 Arthur F. Findeis Award 2/28/11
Marty Zanni Receives NAS Award 2/14/11
Bassam Shakhashiri to Receive the 2011 Van Hise Outreach Distinguished Teaching Award 2/7/11
Chemistry AAAS Fellows for 2010 1/3/11
NSF Funding for 400 MHz NMR 1/3/11
Marty Zanni Elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society 12/13/10
Jim Skinner wins the 2011 ACS Physical Chemistry Division Award in Theoretical Chemistry 12/13/10
Lingjun Li Wins Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award 12/6/10
Kristi Heming Wins L&S Classified Staff Excellence Award 11/29/10
WISL Thesis Award Program 11/29/10
Bassam Shakhashiri Elected as ACS President 11/22/10
Tehshik Yoon Receives Eli Lilly Grant 11/8/10
2010-11 Wisconsin Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship Recipients 9/27/10
Professor Thomas Brunold Finishes 12th In Ironman 9/20/10
Professors Bassam Shakhashiri & Laura Kiessling Named ACS Fellows 9/7/10
Alexis Johnson Wins Outstanding Poster Award at ACS 9/7/10
Discover Magazine Highlights Professor Blackwell's Research 9/7/10
Eric Strieter Named a Shaw Scientist 5/10/10
Assistant Professor Tehshik Yoon Receives a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award 5/3/10
Martin Zanni Wins a NIDDK 60th Anniversary Early Career Investigator/Scholar Award 4/26/10
Graduate Student Michael McCoy Dies 4/26/10
Sam Gellman Elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 4/19/10
Chemistry Department Poster Session Award Winners 4/19/10
A Conversation with Dava Sobel: The Opportunities, Challenges, and Rewards of Science Writing 4/12/10
Chemistry Teaching Assistant Awards 4/12/10
Bassam Z. Shakhashiri Nominated for 2011 President-elect of the American Chemical Society 4/5/10
Fleming Crim Selected as This Year's Winner of the Hilldale Award in the Physical Sciences 3/15/10
Danny Fredrickson Receives a US Department of Energy Early Career Award 3/1/10
Professor John Tully of Yale University 2010-11 Hirschfelder Winner 2/22/10
Helen Blackwell Named a Vilas Associate 2/15/10
Mahesh Mahanthappa Wins Emil H. Steiger Distinguished Teaching Award 2/8/10
Professor Jim Skinner Awarded a WARF Named Professorship 2/1/10
Professor Qiang Cui Awarded an H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship 2/1/10
Professors Burstyn, Weinhold & Weisshaar Elected as AAAS Fellows 12/21/09
Professor Mahesh Mananthappa Receives the James W. Taylor Award 12/7/09
NSF Funding of The Catalysis Center Approved 12/7/09
Professor Robert Hamers Wins the Semiconductor Surfaces, Interfaces, and Nanostructures Prize 11/30/09
Jerry Stamn, Tom Ladell & Bruce Goldade Win L&S Classified Staff Excellence Awards 11/30/09
Danny Fredrickson Receives NSF Career Award 11/23/09
Professor John Berry's Conversations in Science Talk 11/9/09
Cathy Middlecamp Receives Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Excellence Award 11/2/09
Honoring Emeritus Chemistry Professor and L&S Emeritus Dean Phillip R. Certain 10/13/09
Lloyd Smith & Josh Coon Receive NIH Grant 10/5/09
Amanda Case Wins Rao Prize 10/5/09
Professor Ralph F. Hirschmann, 1922-2009 9/28/09
Susan Brastad Wins Outstanding Poster Award at ACS 9/15/09
Professor Ron Raines Wins The 2010 Repligen Award From ACS 9/9/09
American Chemical Society 2010 Award Winners 8/25/09
Professor Josh Coon Article 8/10/09
Chuck Casey, Fleming Crim, Cathy Middlecamp, and John Moore Elected as part of the Inaugural Class of ACS Fellows 7/27/09
Computer Center Proposal Formally Funded From NSF 7/27/09
John Moore Selected as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society 7/13/09
Undergrads Give Thanks to Chemistry Learning Center with YouTube Song “CLC Love 2008” 6/15/09
Professor Tom Record Receives Hugh M. Huffman Award 6/1/09
Professor Arun Yethiraj Receives a Letters and Science Faculty Fellow Award 5/18/09
Amanda Turek Wins the 2009 Iota Sigma Pi Award 5/18/09
Joseph B. Binder Wins the 2009 Kenneth G. Hancock Memorial Award 5/11/09
Glassblower Tracy Drier Recipient of the Wale Award 5/11/09
Professor Bob Hamers to Receive the 2009 Medard Welch Award 5/11/09
Lloyd Smith to Receive the 2010 Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award 5/11/09
Ángel Abruña-Rodríguez Selected as an Honored Instructor by Students in the Chadbourne Residential College 5/4/09
For Professor, Chemistry and Composition Make Music Together 4/27/09
Professor Lloyd Smith to Receive a WARF Named Professorship 4/20/09
Ilia Guzei Receives a L&S Early Career Award 4/13/09
Science and Islam: From Discord to Harmony - WISL Seminar 4/6/09
Professor Peter Wolynes from UCSD is 2009-10 Hirschfelder Prize Winner 3/23/09
Josh Coon to Receive the Ken Standing Award 3/2/09
Ron Raines is a Recipient of a Kellett Mid-Career Award 3/2/09
Silvia Cavagnero & David Schwartz Selected as Vilas Associates 3/2/09
Tom Record Elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology 3/2/09
Professors Song Jin & Tehshik Yoon Receive Sloan Research Fellowships 2/23/09
Chemistry Teaching Assistant Awards 2/16/09
Professor Thomas Brunold Receives a Romnes Award 1/26/09
Professor Robert West Appointed as Distinguished Professor of the Korean Science & Engineering Foundation 1/26/09
Professor Clark Landis Elected a Fellow of the AAAS 1/5/09
Jeanne Hamers recognized by Students in the University Residence Halls 1/5/09
Assistant Professor Tehshik Yoon Receives a UW Research Service Award 12/17/07
Once Upon a Christmas Cheery in the Lab of Shakhashiri Television Schedule 12/17/07
Professor Laura Kiessling selected as the recipient of the 2008 Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal from Yale University 12/17/07
Katie Patridge Receives a 2008 Abbott Graduate Fellowship 10/22/07
Matt Bierman Awarded the 2007-2008 Air Products Graduate Fellowship 10/18/07
Professor Walter Blaedel Dies 10/15/07
Josh Coon Receives the Eli Lilly Analytical Chemistry Young Investigator Award 10/15/07
Helen Blackwell Awarded the James W. Taylor Award for Teaching Excellence 10/15/07
Professor Thomas Brunold Finishes in 10th Place in Wisconsin Ironman Competition 9/17/07
Diane Nutbrown Wisconsin Section the ChemLuminary Award 8/27/07
Bob Hamers Awarded a Wisconsin Distinguished Professorship 8/13/07
Beth Landis Receives the 2007-2008 Merck Research Laboratories Fellowship 8/13/07
Samira Musah Wins a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 7/30/07
Helen Blackwell named one of Popular Science Magazine's "Brilliant 10" 7/30/07
UW-Madison Chemistry Department Ranked 7th Nationally by U.S. News and World Report 7/10/07
Ron Raines Wins the 2007 Makineni Lectureship Award 7/2/07
Song Jin Receives a Cottrell Scholar Award 7/2/07
Frank Weinhold Wins the 2007 Lise Meitner - Minerva Center Lectureship Award 7/2/07
Matt Shoulders Wins a 2007-08 ACS Medicinal Chemistry Fellowship 7/2/07
Bassam Z. Shakhashiri Receives National Service Award 7/2/07
Andrew Greenberg is featured in June 11 issue of Newsweek Magazine 6/18/07
Laura Kiessling Has Been Elected to the American Academy of Microbiology 6/4/07
JCE Software Video Collection Wins the Pirelli International Award in Chemistry 5/21/07
Professor Laura Kiessling Elected to Membership in the National Academy of Sciences 5/7/07
Professor Tom Record Elected to Fellowship in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 5/7/07
Professor Helen Blackwell and Song Jin Have Each Won a Dupont Young Professor Grants 4/30/07
Professor Helen Blackwell Receives a 2007 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award 4/30/07
Professor Hans Reich Wins the Arfvedson Schlenk Award 4/23/07
Professor Bassam Shakhashiri wins the 2007 National Science Board Public Service Award 4/16/07
Professor Josh Coon Receives a Major Award from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation 4/16/07
Christine McInnis wins a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship 4/16/07
Chemistry staff and faculty teach nanoscience to the blind 3/28/07
Shea Ramey is the Recipient of the L&S Early Career Award 3/26/07
Hirschfelder Prize winner for 2007-08 is Professor Bob Silbey 3/19/07
Josh Coon Wins a Research Award from the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 3/12/07
Helen Blackwell is the Recipient of a 3M Nontenured Faculty Award 2/26/07
Shannon Stahl Receives Romnes Award 1/29/07
Once upon a Christmas Cheery in the Lab of Shakhashiri TV Times 12/18/06
Matt Allen Wins a Prestigious "Pathways to Independence" Grant from the NIH 12/11/06
Marty Zanni Wins 2006 Coblentz Award 12/4/06
Berta Ostrander Wins L&S Classified Staff Excellence Award 12/4/06
Andy Schmitt Wins a Poster Award at the 2006 Materials Research Society Meeting 12/4/06
James W. Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award Symposium 11/27/06
Tehshik Yoon wins NSF Career Award 11/20/06
Ron Raines Admitted as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Chemistry 11/6/06
Luke Lavis Wins ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowship 11/6/06
John Berry is the First Winner of the Ernst-Haage Prize 10/30/06
Dr. Mark Wendt to Receive 2006 James W. Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award 10/30/06
Song Jin named one of MIT Technology Review magazine's TR35 for the year of 2006 9/25/06
Sam Gellman wins the ACS Ralph F. Hirschmann Award 9/25/06
Laura Kiessling wins ACS Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal 9/25/06
Chris Scarborough Receives an ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowship 9/18/06
Ben Gorske Wins the 2006 M. J. Collins Award 9/18/06
Brian Popp wins the 2006 Perkin Scholarship 9/11/06
Chris Scarborough wins one of four Simga-Aldrich Innovation Awards 9/11/06
Associate Professor Thomas Brunold Finishes in 6th Place in Wisconsin Ironman Competition 9/11/06
Dr. Rodney Schreiner & Dr. Mark Wendt Ranked as Top Teachers 9/11/06
Professor Helen Blackwell Wins a Focused Giving Grant 8/28/06
Sarah Jewell Wins Two Graduate Fellowships 7/3/06
Professor Helen Blackwell selected as a Burroughs Welcome Fund Investigator 6/19/06
American Academy of Arts and Sciences has selected Professor Jim Skinner as a Fellow 5/1/06
Professor Laura Kiessling to be appointed as a Hilldale Professor 5/1/06
Governor Doyle to Dedicate the Irving Shain Chemistry Research Tower 4/24/06
UW Chemistry now moves up to #7 nationwide 4/10/06
Cathy Middlecamp Receives 2006 Judith S. Craig Distinguished Service Award 3/27/06